eq:Divine Arbitration  

Quick Facts
Divine Arbitration

Type: Active
Macro: /alt activate 169
Expansion: Planes of Power
Total AA: 9
Cooldown: 00:03:00
Classes: Cleric



Using this ability balances the health of your group such that all group members end up with the same amount of damage taken. The first rank does so at a 20 percent penalty to the average, the second rank does so at a 10 percent penalty, and the final rank does so at no penalty. You may train the ranks of this ability at or after levels 61, 63, and 65.

Rank Requirements

Rk AA Lvl ExpansionEffect Prerequisites
1 3 61 Planes of Power 3252

2 3 63 Planes of Power 3253

3 3 65 Planes of Power 3254

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