WOW Guide Desolace for Alliance v2.0  

Desolace for Alliance v2.0

A Guide to Desolace (Alliance)

Desolace is a great place to go in the low 30's. Most of the mobs in the zone are 30-35 and not too difficult. I went there as a 32 Rogue to take a break from Stranglethorn Vale. I could have probably gone at 30 but. in my experience, you level quickest when you're taking on baddies that are either right at your level or 1 level higher. Also, this place is great for a rogue as there are a lot of quests involving killing humanoids and demons so you get to pickpocket a lot.

0. Before you go you should:

- Go to Ironforge and see Roetten Stonehammer in the Hall of Explorers to get the Reclaimers' Business in Desolace quest.

- Check the miscellaneous notes at the bottom.

1. Go to Nijel's Point:

To get to Desolace head to Kalmador and go south to, and through, the Stonetalon mountains and the Charred Vale. As you run south in Desolace, from Stonetalon, you will soon see a road sign pointing east to Nijel's Point. Head east a bit then north up the hill to Nijel's Point. Pick up the Griffin route and make your home at the inn.

2. Reclaimers' #2:

Talk to Kreldig to complete the Reclaimers' quest and get the next one. Kreldig also gives another, level 39 quest that you may want to take later. Head out of Nijel's and then east and almost immediately you'll come to Sargeron and the Hatefury Saytr's. They're mostly 32-33 and spread out enough so you don't have to worry much about adds. Collect your claws and horns then go back to Kreldig turn in and get the next quest in the series.

3. Reclaimers' #3 first part:

Back to Kreldig, turn in and get next one that has you collecting Scorpashi Venom and Aged Kodo hides. The best place for Scorpashi I found was just south of Sargeron. Most of the Scorpashi here are level 30-31 and seem to drop one venom for every 5 to 7 kills so you'll need to kill about 50-70 of them to complete that part. If you came to the zone at 30 you may want to do right away, otherwise just kill scropions on your travels to do the other quests.

4. Burning Blades and Thunder Axe Fortress:

Get Vahlarriel's Search quest from Vahlarriel Demonslayer. Head out of Nijel's and head west-southwest. You'll find a couple of destroyed wagons just north of Thunder Axe Fortress. Open the crate there, retrieve the necklace and return to Vahlarriel to get the next part of Vahlarriel's Search. For this part you'll need to go into Thunder Axe Fortress. First though, head to Ethel Rethor, southwest of Thunderaxe, and find Azore Aldamort, north of and below the tower a bit, and get the Scepter of Light quest.

Now head back east to Thunder Axe Fortress. The Burning Blades here are 30-33 and not too hard if you can keep it to one or two at a time. Having a partner is probably a good idea though. Go inside the gate and up to the top of the tower to the left of the gate. There's a level 33 Seer and a 31 Augt inside. Kill them and get the Scepter of Light off the Seer.

Now go back into the building that was straight ahead as you entered the gate. The first NPC you need to find here, Dalinda Malem, is in the center of this building. Talk to her and then head to the other building to find Tyranis, also in the middle. Tyranis is hostile, you'll need to kill him and take his pendant. Go back and talk to Dalinda now. She'll give you a quest to escort her out of the fortress. This is where a friend can come in handy unless you've cleared the way first. Lead her out and down the hill until you get the complete. Take the blade back to Azore. He'll give you a quest you can take or not that involves killing a level 38 naga if you're up to it or planning to stay in Desolace that long. Now go back to Vahlarriel to finish it all up.

5. Pick up Centaur Quests:

Next you'll want to pick up the Centaur quests. Talk to corporal Melkins in Nijel's and get the Centaur Bounty quest. Next talk to Captain Pentigast and get the Strange Alliance quest and ignore the Brutal Politics quest. The two Pentigast quests involve getting friendly faction with one of the Centaur tribes by killing the other so you can't really do both. As a later quest, Down the Scarlet Path, involves killing skeles that give you negative Magram faction, you might as well get negative with them now.

6. Killing a lot of Centaurs

Strange Alliance requires you to kill Magram Centaurs. They are found near the southeast corner of the zone around the odd shaped lake. Head down there but stop on the way and visit Kormek (/tloc 62,39 if you have Cosmos) to get a quest to collect Kodo bones you'll do later. Also, don't forget to keep your eye out for scorpashi for the Reclaimers' quest as you're running down. Also, if you see Aged Kodo on their way to the Graveyard pick up those hides for the reclaimers quest while you can.

The Magram are mostly 32-34 with a few 35-36. Since they are neutral to you when you start it's pretty easy to avoid pulling more than one at a time. They will run when they get low on health and you may find yourself with an add if you chase them. I didn't count the number I had to kill to get the friendly faction with the Gelkin but I'd guess it was 30-40. You should also pick up some of the ears you'll need for the Centaur Bounty quest. Don't worry if you don't get all you need. You'll have another opportunity to collect them soon.

7. Kodo Roundup:

When you get to 'Friendly' with your Gelkin faction head west along the road that goes east-west from near the Magram camp. You'll soon see a hut on the right. Stop here to get the Kodo Roundup quest from Smeed Scrablescrew before turning in Strange Alliance. After you get the quest head due west to the Kodo Graveyard where you'll find a good supply of Dead, Dying, and Ancient Kodo. If you got the Bone Collector quest, you'll notice the bones you need are also here but don't get them now. Collecting the bones has a high probability of spawning a hostile level 37-38 Kodo Apparition. If you're not prepared to fight those now they will make it harder to collect Kodos for Kodo Roundup.

Use the device Smeed gave you on a dead/dying/aged Kodo to tame it and lead it back to Smeed. When you get a Kodo back to Smeed he'll ask you to inspect it. Just 'talk' to the kodo to get credit. Do this five times and you're done. Occasionally you may see a parade of dead/dying kodo heading past Smeed's camp on their way to the graveyard. That will save you a little running. It's an easy 2000 xp.

7. More Centaurs:

After completing Kodo Roundup, follow the road southwest to the Gelkis camp in the southwest and talk to Uthek the Wise who is on the north side of the Gelkis camp in front of a small tent just south of the road (tloc 36,79). Be careful as you pass through the Mannoroc Coven area as these are level 36-39. Uthek gave me 2050 xp for the Strange Alliance quest and then the 'Raid on the Kolkar' quest to collect Crude Charms from the Kolkar Centaurs which are found north of the Magram. At this point you can dive into the Kolkar or go back to Nijel's and repair.

Head to the Kolkar camp and get your charms. If you haven't gotten all your ears for the Centaur Bounty quest, collect the rest of those now and turn that in at Nijel's (3750 xp.) Return to Gelkis to turn in the Raid on the Kolkar' quest and get the 'Stealing Supplies' quest to collect Crudely Dried Meat from around the Magram camp. You'll find the sacks of meat mostly around the tents in the Magram Camp. Collect 6 and turn them in. The next quest Gelkis gives you will send you to the Swamp of Sorrows. Get if for later if you like.

8. Kodo Graveyard

Head back to the Kodo Graveyard in the middle of the zone and collect Aged Kodo hides. Watch out for the 37 buzzards though.

AFTER you get you hides start collecting bones. About half the time, when you collect a bone, a hostile level 37-38 Kodo Apparition pops. I collected and ran quick. If you fight there's a good chance you'll pull a 37 buzzard in too. Good thing I collected the Aged Kodo hides first cause when I left there were a bunch of these nasties wandering the graveyard.

Horniz Brimbuzzle at the southwest corner of the Kodo Graveyard gives a level 39 quest you may want to

pick up now if you have room in your quest log.

9. Finish Reclaimers' #3:

If you haven't gotten your quota of scorpashi venom do it now and go back to Nijel's to turn in for 2750 xp.


Break Time?

At this point, depending on your level and class and whether you're soloing or grouping, you may want to take a break and go level a bit somewhere else. I went to do more quests in Stranglethorn and The Badlands. The next set, The Ranazjar Isle Quests will require that be able to handle at least 2 level 35-36s at a time and actually are fairly doable by most level 34-35s. In any case you should at least leave Desolace to go to the Swamp of Sorrows to do the Ongeku quest that Uthek gave you before you do the quests that follow Ranazjar Isle. For those quests it would be best to be at least 38 or so.


10. The Ranazjar Isle Quests:

There are 3 quests that are completed on Ranazjar Isle: The Karnitol Shipwrek, Book of the Ancients, and Dlaim Rackmore's Treasure! quests:

a. Get the Karnitol Shipwreck quest in Nijel's

b. Go to Ethel Rethor and pick up 'Book of the Ancients' from Azore in the small structure below and just south of the tall tower.

c. >From Azore, go down to the shore and then south a short distance until you find a bit of wreckage right on the shore (tloc 36,30). Open the chest and advance the Karnitol Shipwreck quest. Next to the chest is Rackmore's Log; open it to get the Quest: Claim Rackmore's Treasure! quest.

Kill Drysnaps in the area until you get the silver key you need for Rackmores' and Slitherblades, particularly Naga and Warriors, until you get the gold key. These enemies are mostly 32-35. Return to Nijel's and get an advance to the next step of the Karnitol Shipwreck series to find Karnitol's satchel.

Head to Ranazjar Isle. This island is covered with and surrounded by level 32-36 Slithertails. Killing them in the process of doing the other two quests may yield Karnitol's satchel. The chest is located on the island behind a tree that is next to the structure wall (at 30,9.) Open it and claim your reward. The statue is on the west side of the island surrounded by level 33-36 mobs. Clear out the ones close to the statue then right click the statue to place the gem. The ground will tremble a bit and you will be greeted by a level 38 Naga. Kill it to get the book. If you haven't gotten Karnitol's Satchel by this point, stay on the island and kill Slithertails until you do. Return to Azore to turn in the Book of the Ancients. At this point you can return to Nijel's and turn in the Karnitol quest or wait until later and proceed with the next batch. If you haven't gone to the Swamp of Sorrows yet to do Ongeku, now is a good time.

11. Yet More Centaurs

If you don't have the Ghost-o_Plasm quest from earlier, head to Horniz at the SW corner of the Kodo Graveyard to get it. Now visit Uthek again, turn in the shard for the Ongeku quest and get the quest to kill the Magram leader Khan Jehn. He is found in the tent at 66,81 in the southwest corner of the Magram camp. f you're up to it now you can stop in Mannoroc Coven on the way from Uthek to the Magram camp and do the one below first. Otherwise, save this for later.

12. More Reagents for Reclaimers:

Collect your Felhound Brains, Nether Wings, and Doomwarder Blood in the Mannoroc Coven area in the south-central part of the zone. For brains hit the Mage hunters. The Fey Hunters can be pretty tough. For blood and wings go the large Roman style structure with a selection of Nether Maidens for wings and Doomwarder Captains for the blood. Watch out for the wandering caster though.

13. Down the Scarlet Path & Ghost-o_Plasm

Head south from the Magram camp to the Valley of the Bones. This is a small, curved ravine in the southeast corner of the zone. Kill your 30 level 36-37 Undead Ravagers here finishing up by clearing out the area in the center where you find a small hillock in the middle of the valley. Take your crate of ghost magnets and place one on the hillock and back away quick. The Magram ghosts will start to spawn and you need to kill them to get their Ghost-o-plasm. If you're not in a group, grab the Magram ghosts well away from the mound, as they are headed to it. You can attack them but they don't become aggressive until they get to the mound itself.

14. Turn them in

When you're done head back to Uthek to turn in head and get next, Elite, quest. Then go to Horniz by the Kodo Graveyard to turn in your ghost goo and then back to Nijel's to turn in Reclaimers, Karnitol, and Scarlet Path.

15. If you have a good group you can try the last Centaur quest, Khan Hratha.

16. Leave to finish

You'll need to head to Ironforge now to turn in the final Reclaimers and Karnitol to Roetten Stonehammer then head to Southshore to Raleigh the Devout to complete Down the Scarlet Path and get 'In the Name of the Light' which will take you to the Scarlet Monastery. That, however, is another story.

Miscellaneous Notes:

1. Watch out for the occasional 39 Elite giants roaming this zone. They're not hard to spot. There's also a 62 Elite Horde NPC wandering the roads, I'm told he won't aggro Alliance as he's for a Horde quest but I gave him a wide berth anyway.

2. You'll sometimes find a small caravan in the zone. If they're waiting just west of Kormek's hut you can get a quest to escort them past the Kolkar Centaurs. If they're waiting on the road west of Manorroc Coven, you can get a quest to escort them past the coven which is obviously a bit harder than getting them past the Centuars. I'm not sure if you can do both. Also, check out the Vendor Tron 1000 in the caravan for a good selection of trade items and recipes.

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