WAR Career:Black Orc  

Alliance Destruction / Greenskins / Bloody Sun Boyz
Race Orc
Gender Male
Archetype Heavy Tank, Melee De-buffer
Specialties Dirty Fighting, Large Choppas, Shields
Appearance Black Orcs are the largest of Greenskins. They are clad in crude but heavy armour decorated with all manner spikes and sharp plates. Black Orc helmets are known to sport massive horns and a huge metal jaw guard.
Lore and Description
Originally, Black Orcs were artificial creations designed to serve as the ideal slave-warriors of the Chaos Dwarves. They were a race of Orcs bred and molded to be large, tough, mean and immune to the constant animosity that plagues the Greenskin species. Things, however, went horribly wrong. Massive numbers of Black Orcs rebelled and broke free to wreak havoc on their former masters and the rest of the Warhammer world.

Because Black Orcs do not suffer from the petty squabbles that plague other Greenskins, they make natural leaders. Truly, Black Orc war bosses are amongst the most threatening individuals as they can keep a "WAAAAAAGH!" together a lot easier that any other greenskin. Ironically, achieving this often involves cracking heads together, frequent headbutts and other brutal moves to subdue would-be trouble makers. Naturally this makes Black Orcs not only leaders, but also a race of brutal close combat fighters amongst a species known for their brutality in close combat.

Actions Morale Tactics
For the Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for this career, see Orc, Black Orc.

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