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Theo, Theophany the Sly, Overlord Theophany, Rogue Forum Guru, etc.


Theo is a pretty big fan of sports. Mainly hockey and football, but baseball has been known to be in his viewing tendencies.

Teams he's a fan of: the Detroit Red Wings, the Chicago Bears, the Detroit Lions, and the Detroit Tigers.

Theo also plays and coaches lacrosse, which is the best sport ever. He coaches at the high school level. That's right, he's influencing the youth of America.


Theo doesn't really play MMOs anymore, though he's looking forward to trying Final Fantasy XIV when that title is released.

In the past, Theo was an avid player of FFXI and WoW. In FFXI, he was a part of the endgame LS ArchDominus. In WoW, he did various endgame raids and did arena PvP.

At the current time, Theo doesn't have enough time for much other than casual games. NHL10 is his current favorite.

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  • AIM: phoenixification
  • Twitter: wkfink
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