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Elderon, the Red Horseman of the Apocalypse

The Conspiracy Theory and the Seventh Star

Seven is widely considered to be the number connected with Judeo-Christian concepts of Godliness, Completion and Perfection. It is also considered that in classical times God created the world in six and then rested on the seventh day, observing the completion of his creation.

There are seven virtues:Chastity, Moderation, Liberality, Charity, Meekness, Zeal, and Humility. There are also seven deadly sins, the inversion and perversion of spiritual completion is widely referred to as the Elderon corollary of Christianity.

There are seven sacraments. Seven Joys. (The Incarnation, the Visitation, the Nativity, the Visit of the Magi, the Finding of Jesus in the Temple of Jerusalem, the Resurrection of Christ, and The Assumption of Mary into Heaven) and of course, Seven Sorrows

There is also seven ranks in Mithraism, widely referred to as Mooglefucking ing.

There are also seven letters in the word "Jophiel".

Jophiel, which is Hebrew for the "Beauty of God" was an archangel, connected as the chief of the choir of Cherubim. There some who suspect that Jophiel is actually the "Jophiel of the Asylum"--the Asylum, with six letters, is the doubling of the trinity, implying falsely that the trinity lacks perfection and completeness and also bringing about the inevitable inverse of the Trinity. Jophiel is in fact the anti-Jophiel, making Kaolian the anti-Metratron.

The existence of the seventh star would portend a sense of completion. Perhaps the second coming of Christ. In fact, the denial of the seventh star would be considered the denial of Christ and therefore bring about the anti-Christ. Kaolian, the antiMetratron and Jophiel, the anti-Jophiel, would then speak of this denial as divinely inspired bringing about the existance of the second coming of the Lord--at a Karma Ranking of above 5.00, he'd be above Guru, near perfection, but in fact, it would be really the anti-Christ.

Now think about this:

Revelation is divided into seven cycles of events.

There are the seven seals:

white horse, whose rider carries a bow: Barkingturtle
a red horse, whose rider carries a sword: Elderon
a black horse, whose rider carries a pair of scales: Gbaji
a pale horse: Mentalfrog

With the fifth seal the souls of the martyrs appear before God and ask when he will judge the people of Earth. They are each given a white robe, and told to wait until more martyrs have been killed: This occurred when the great Karma war of December of 2006 and the wrath of Allakhazam himself reigned upon the OOT

With the sixth seal there comes a terrible earthquake, the sky becomes black, and the people of Earth are afraid of the anger of God and the lamb: Magi's LOTR template clearly had formatting issues.

When the seventh seal is opened, heaven is quiet for about half an hour. God issues seven angels each with a trumpet, then another angel carrying a golden censer comes before the throne. After offering prayers and incense to God, the angel fills the censer with fire from the altar, then hurls it at the earth, resulting in earthquakes, thunder and lightning "WOE TO US WHEN WE LEARN ABOUT THE SEVENTH STAR!"

Then there are seven trumpets!

First: Exodus and Pikko will come to the OOT and tell us to behave
Second: We'll see more Admins, even the ever elusive Railus
Third: We'll experience "technical difficulties"
Four: Danalog will have "Burninating OOT" as a title
Fifth: Kaolian will come and Kaosmash, destroying all OOT sages
Sixth: There will be no more colored names in the OOT
Seventh: The OOT will be renamed: The place for exiled dumbfucks
And then comes the beast with seven heads!

13:1. And I saw a beast coming up out the sea, having seven heads and ten horns: and upon his horns, ten diadems: and upon his heads, names of blasphemy.*

And the Feedback forum will run red with the Karma of the fallen OOTers. The Main FFXI posters will be screaming and mewling until the end.

We will see the false prophet and once we have the unholy false trinity of Jophiel, Kaolian and the Beast, we shall see the mark of the beast: 666-- the tripling of the false trinity representing the tripling of the false trinity making it like... really bad!

And we will see destruction. Allakhazam will be ruinous and reborn as "Acadabra" a false site of sorts with sites celebrating "Runescape" and "Hello Kitty Island Adventure" and there will be posters fleeing to something called the "Sanctuary" and rating down the personal sins of the other posters.

And we will wait. Until the beast rears its ugly head.


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