Lovable holy paly who should try prot before bashing it. - CapJack

Self Info: I'm a player on Frostmane (US), been there for several years.

Char History:

1.) Priest (Shadowdilbrt), quit mid 50s due to not enjoying being a squishy healbot

2.) Shaman (Tribaldilbrt, on a different server, now transferred to FM), quit because the guy I transferred to hang out with quit the game.

3.) Hunter (Trackrdilbrt), quit after an AV game where a warlock dot'd me up and there was nothing I could do but die, so I rolled (if you can't beat 'em...)

4.) Warlock (Sevothtarte, first non-dilbrt), played and raided in MC/BWL/Ony, quit when the guild I got merged into at BC had too many warlocks (who then all later quit, and I would have been officer)

5.) Paladin (Erurainon/Zaphikel), played though most of BC eventually killing Illidan (before sunwell was released) getting some T6 loot, writing a holy pally guide for Alla, bashing ret, and poking fun at prot. Quit the BT guild to be with old buddies and raid again as

6.) My old hunter (Trackrdilbrt), leveled to 70 and becoming the raid leader of Guild Hoppers.

7.) Death Knight (Runereaver), rerolled at Lich King beta and played as one since, guild reformed into Magically Malicious, currently recruiting officer.

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