Shard of Hate World Event  

This article refers to events, personae and activities that were introduced for the Shard of Hate World Event, which went live with GU44 on 4/8/2008, and ended 5/12/2008 with GU45. This record is being kept for historical purposes. Any quests from this event that are still in your quest journal should be deleted.

With GU44, the Shard of Hate became available. As part of this, a world event was launched. This event ended on 5/13/2008 with GU45. The quest was slightly different if you were good or evil.

For good-aligned players, talk to a worried froglok in Kelethin or a worried halfling in Qeynos.

For evil-aligned players, talk to a delighted human in North Freeport or Gorowyn, or a satisfied darkelf in Neriak, City of Hate.

The reward was a house item, either fires of tranquility (for Good players) or fires of anguish (for evil players).

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