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Overview of ShadowRavenloft

ShadowRavenloft is an AU/EU-based social/events linkshell started at the end of November 2004 when a small of iRO players migrated together to make Vana'diel their new home. Over the years, the members of the linkshell have "grown up" together along with some new friends picked up along the way.

"We do stuff coz we can!"

Quick Stats

Linkshell Name: ShadowRavenloft (dark red dot)
Founder(s): Lunakitty (shellholder), Lenor (second banana)
LS Purpose: Social/Events/Mission
Level Range: Beginners - Veterans (with multiple lv 75 jobs)


Despite being an AU/EU linkshell, we have members from all over the world including Asia, Europe and North America. Our prime-time tends to be around 8:00pm to 1:30am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) and 6:00pm to 2:00am UK which translates to:

10:00am - 3:00pm GMT
7:00pm - 12:30am JST
3:00am - 8:30am PST
5:00am - 10:00am CST
(not adjusted for daylights saving)

Because SR LS is quite old, there are a lot of veterans and high-levelled players, but beginners and players of all levels are more than welcome to join.

Players of all levels/races/jobs are welcome. No formal application required.

Events & Missions

We're primarily a social linkshell, so most of the time members are goofing around in LS chat. But we do have days set-aside for regular group activities.

Most events tend to occur from 9:00pm AEST (AU events) or 6:00pm GMT (EU events) onwards.

Some of the regular events include:

Abyssea (Time Extensions/NMs/XP) - Held regularly from 6:00pm GMT onwards.

Saturday Night Limbus - We managed to zerg enough people through CoP missions to do some regular Limbus runs ^^ So far we've cleared all areas except Proto-Ultima (currently working on it). All Ancient Beastcoins are split evenly. There's usually very low competition for AF+1 materials. Homam and Nashira lot rights are based on attendance and job.

Sunday Night Misc. LS Events - Sunday nights are usually when we hold Promathia Missions and miscellaneous events like Garrisons (usually lv 30 capped), Fishing trips, etc.

ENM/BCNMs/KSNMs - Organised as wanted/needed. We like to sell all the loot and split evenly unless people are looking for specific items.

Nation Missions/ZM/CoP/ToAU/WoTG - Organised as needed.

Forced Pop-NMs/Sky/Sea - Adhoc events. Sometimes small groups of people go out of their way to gather trigger and call on people in the LS for help.

With these events, we like to focus on teamwork and having fun while doing things as a group rather than obtaining "itamz". If you're looking to maxmise your Assault Points/Ranking/Ancient Beastcoin collection we might not be the linkshell for you :\

LS Rules

1) We expect LS members to abide by the TOS (Terms of Service) Agreement that you "Agreed" with when you installed FFXI onto your system. That means no hacking, no botting, and no use of third party software, even for stuffing around with the game.

2) LS chat - please keep language civil. Racial, sexual, religious or any otherwise discriminatory slurs will not be tolerated.

3) Gilselling will not be tolerated. If you're going to do that, go and find another LS now!

In addition, we'd like to ask members to be considerate of each other's time constraints and priorities. Most of our LS members work or study full time and may not be able to reply to ad-hoc requests for help.

How To Join

The follow people can distribute linkpearls: Lunakitty, Lenor, Kanilla, Moccha, Hodgecutter, Hyzenthlay, Arcon, Stoobey, Necropotence, Ellah, Seeum.

Give us a /tell if you're interested :>

Our Linkshell Forums - where all the planning and spamming occurs.
Tales of ShadowRavenloft - contains some AMVs of certain key battles we've completed as a linkshell.
Ravenloft Memoirs - documents some of the whacky adventures we have as a linkshell.

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