Rift Quest:Grave Courage  

Speak to Greer Hontz next to The Harrow at (5174, 4907) to begin this quest. This is a subquest of The Little Scavenger Hunt, Part 2.

To complete this quest, you must go into the catacombs behind the Cathedral In the Harrow. Upon entering the catacombs, keep going until you reach a floor with a huge hole in it. Jump down and enter the graves 'Behind Iron Gates'. You will need to stay in this area for 5 minutes in order to complete the Challenge.

Location is 5128, 4772 in the crypt. You will know you are in the right place when you go through the gates and purple beams of light come up at the gates. There are also skeletons walking around that you cannot target and the same type of bugs that are squished for the daily are here, as well. Clear the mobs and wait it out.
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