Ravenfell Historical Timeline  

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Runes of Magic
This is an attempt to make sense of the order of events in the History of Ravenfell.

Long Ago

  • The port of Shahar was pillaged by the Black Sail Pirates under Snow Blake the Pirate Queen. Afterwards, it became The Nameless Port.[1]

One Generation Ago

  • A mysterious hero, known only as Black Swordsman appears, fighting the local pirates to protect the villagers and common people. He is never defeated, never exposed, and eventually retires vowing to return if he is ever needed.
  • The parents of Rikon and Vivian Rhodes die while fighting pirates, leaving the orphans in the care of their grandfather, Marlowe Rhodes (Ggl), the Lord of Calamus Manor.
  • In a terrible storm, Lookout Luke is distracted for a moment and the Black Mary strikes a reef. The infant child of Huck and Ely Nausicaa, Elsbeth (Ggl), is thrown overboard. Ely dives in after her. By the time Huck reaches the railing both are gone.[2]
  • Elsbeth washes ashore on the Shackle Coast (Ggl), is found and taken in by Chelons, is raised by them and grows up as Tooda, better known as the "Old Turtle Lady". Her only tie to her birth is a pocketwatch with a picture of her and her parents. She calls the watch her "Ely Nausicaa".
  • Ely Nausicaa washed ashore in the area of the Sailor's Graveyard. When found she lied about her name, saying it was Anna Zilly. Not knowing she was a pirate and believing her to be a victim of pirates, Marlowe Rhodes (Ggl) took her into his household as a maid. She never stopped looking for her baby, but has never found her. She comes to care deeply for young Vivian Rhodes.

The Current Generation

  • Vivian Rhodes leaves Calamus Manor, vowing never to return. her maid and confidante, Lanarus, disappears at about the same time.
  • Vivian Rhodes and Lanarus are captured by pirates when Pannisa does not meet them.
  • Vivian Rhodes marries a pirate, Haniya (Ggl), and changes her name to Rose Westwood.
  • Pannisa finally finds the girls, too late, and marries Lanarus, who changes her name to Sonora.
  • The Black Mary strikes it rich, discovering an incredible Treasure Trove. There is a fight over the booty and Huck leads a mutiny, killing Captain Snow Blake. He consolidates power ruthlessly and kills any who will not swear to follow him.
  • Despite their oaths, Haniya (Ggl), Rose Westwood, Pannisa and Sonora, along with roughly half the pirate company, successfully leave and found their own company, discarding the Black Sail Pirates name and calling themselves the Black Blood Caravan.
  • The remaining crew of the Black Mary finds a treasure cache but the coins are cursed! Many die but the raining company arrives at Shadowmoon Cove and moves in, changing their name to the Shadowmoon Pirates. The curse slowly changes them all into Goblins![3][4]
  • Pannisa dies of an illness on a voyage.
  • Haniya (Ggl) diappears. Rose Westwood takes over the business.
  • Yuri and Saiyen (Ggl), two of the Black Blood Caravan's lieutenants, make a secret side deal with an unknown shadowy organization (Zurhidon?). Rose Westwood learns of it and is concerned that their actions could bring the full wrath of the Eye of Wisdom and the Order of Dark Glory down on their heads.
  • Rikon Rhodes joins The Order of Dark Glory

Current Events

  • Black Swordsman has returned as he promised! The pirates are very concerned.
  • Kandos Whiskey (Ggl), the last surviving pirate of the crew of The Black Mary to remain unchanged by the Curse finds his way to the Abandoned Fortress. He has located the remaining cursed gold coins but is too ill to get them so they can be destroyed.
  • Rikon Rhodes is killed by the scum residents of Nameless Port.[5]

This page is my recollection of the sequence of events, as best I can determine them. When I level another toon through this content I will be able to double-check it. -Bludwyng

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