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Overview of NoSephiroth Dynamis

NoSephiroth Dynamis is a large, privately owned and managed Dynamis linkshell. We do cities, northlands, and CoP zones. We are one of the "Big Tuesday Three" of the server, along with Dynacore and BtD. However, we recruit faces that are fresh to endgame, unlike the other two, and we take a different approach to Dynamis: we believe that everyone that contributes should have a chance at relic armor.

Summary of members

NoSephiroth accepts members under the following conditions: You must have at least one job 65+ (70+ for melee and tanks preferred), and you must not be named Sephiroth (or any variation thereof.) We are a family linkshell, therefore new members must be voted on and approved by our veterans. We don't like drama. If you use any third party application other than Windower, please find another linkshell: we don't approve of bots or cheats.

Linkshell Leader

  • Mega Boss Ulric


  • General Pravus
  • Communications Specialist Catwho

Linkshell Rules

First of all: Thou shalt follow all instructions issued during the run. A smooth Dynamis run relies on everyone giving 100% on his main job while at the same time functioning as part of the greater whole. Melee are expected to only attack called mobs, as are black mages. The run coordinators will issue instructions through linkshell -- "RDM silence the slimes!" is a common example -- and we expect everyone to follow those instructions completely and thoroughly. Anyone who consistently disregards called instructions may be kicked from the shell.

Lotting Rules: NoSephiroth runs on a simplified points system. We adopted this system as managing the total points for 60 people became too much to handle.

1. During your first three runs with the linkshell you are on a trial period and cannot pre-select relic armor. 2. Anyone who is not lotting relic armor, either due to trial or due to the zone, can instead choose synthesis materials. 3. If you do not have a relic job specified at the time of attendance, it is assumed you are lotting Synthesis materials and you will be marked as such. If you actually meant to pick an AF, tough. 4.On your fourth run you may choose to lot one(1) city relic job for each run. This job can change each run depending on the zone, as long as you have leveled that job to at least 65+. If you are the only person lotting that job and it drops, it will fall to you uncontested. If there are several people who have chosen that job, everyone has an equal chance of lotting it. 5.To declare a relic job, you must pre-select it. This can be done on our forum in a thread for that run, or in the linkshell on the previous run. Any relic not declared before run start will not count -- you will be reverted to the default of synthesis materials. 6.In the event that no one has selected a particular relic job and that piece drops, it will be declared "Free Lot" and it is fair game to anyone who has leveled that job to 65+, regardless of whether they have another job selected. It is thus possible to get more than one piece of relic in a run, although it is very rare. Preference will be given to people past their initial three day trial unless the piece is their main job. 7.Relic weapons are always free lot. 8You must attend TEN(10) city runs to be eligible to lot Northlands. You may select a relic job for Northlands on your 11th run. Unlike city AF, where obtaining two pieces of relic in one run is rare but not unheard of, no one is allowed to obtain double relic in the Northlands. 8.Dynamis currency is not a lotable option. You cannot choose to lot the singles, nor can you choose to lot the 100 bills that occasionally drop. All currency is collected by Catwho or Ulric and distributed among the officers. It is offered for resale at a discounted price to NoSephiroth members that are upgrading relic weapons or armor through Catwho only; contact her if you are interested in purchasing currency through the shell. 9.Sponsored runs are reserved for our veteran members only. However, we are not allowing sponsored runs at this time (due to currency prices.)

Attendance Requirements: Although we do not run on a complex attendance points system, we DO keep track of attendance to help determine active membership.

1. Real life reasons for missing a run are almost always excused.

2. Anyone found on the server but not present at the Dynamis run will be mauled with a maul. Being in another activity without first discussing it with an officer is grounds for kicking.

3. Please try to notify an officer ahead of time if you can't make it, either through the game or the message board.

4. If you wish to leave the shell for a longer period of time (more than two weeks) and want to return with full privledges, you must post this on the message board.

5. Anyone who misses four runs in a row with no explanation, either to an officer or on the message board, will be removed from active membership.

6. Anyone who is deactivated has a mandatory 3 run lotting suppression. After three runs, lotting privledges return to normal.

7. Bottom line is: To avoid penalties, PLEASE TELL US! Real life reasons for missing runs -- illness, holidays, family, business, etc -- will almost always be excused without question.

Linkshell Events

We run Dynamis only. Our sister event shells are Yamato (sky/sea/salvage) and Shogungumi (limbus.)

Our runs are 8PM EST (5PMPST) Tuesday evening, and 4PM EST (1PM PST) Saturday afternoon.

How to Join

1) Your name must not be Sephiroth or any variation thereof. It is unoriginal, and furthermore, it is confusing. No one wants to keep 10 Sephiroths straight.

2) 2) Your main job must be 70+, or you need to be willing to get it there pretty quick. We'll accept some jobs at 65+ if they are critical jobs we are recruiting, but we expect to see you in exp when you're not in Dynamis!

3) You must be able to regularly attend events at 8PM EST on Tuesdays and 4PM EST on Saturdays. We will not change our times for you. Note that occasionally runs start late due to unforeseen circumstances, but we still expect you to be there on time. The officers will usually be hanging around the zone an hour early to answer any questions. EU applicants: We understand our Tuesday start time is late in GMT, but that there are few EU time Dynamis shells out there. Just keep in mind that it will take you twice as long to be qualified for relic if you can only attend once a week!

Promptness is imperative to a good player reputation. The zone will be closed one hour after we enter. There will be a mule available in all zones but Xarcabard if you're going to be a few minutes late due to extenuating circumstances, but if it becomes a habit Ulric will have a little chat with you.

Also, regularly missed runs without some explanation are grounds for kicking. All three officers work 40-50 hours a week. We accept all real life excuses provided they are plausible, but if you're found on the server during a run time and you didn't check in due to lateness, Catwho will smack you over the head with a hammer.

4) If anyone currently in the linkshell has major beef with you, you likely won't be admitted until you work through it. We're a family. We don't want any drama. NoSeph is often used as a social shell during off-hours.

5) This one is very important: You must be able/willing to follow directions. We know what we are doing, and while we welcome tactical suggestions, we all need to be sticking to a common plan. If you receive an order, you need to comply. (LISTEN TO PRAVUS!) We had have runs destroyed because people did not follow simple instructions. It's not that hard.

6.) You will be asked to bring some form of reraise and A grade food to our runs. (Echo drops and poison potions are provided in limited quantities for 1 gil each by the officers, paid for with extra cash from currency sales. We'll continue this service as long as it's not abused.) If you're saving up cash for some special item, keep this in mind. Pravus goes through a hairpin each run.

7.) No whining.


Create a forum account. Make a post that includes:

1. Your character name 2. Your relic level jobs (70+ and any 65+ you will be working on). 3. The primary job/position you will be applying for 4. A brief sentence stating how you heard about NoSeph, and why you want to join us 5. The name of the NoSeph member who referred you. (Referring members: please respond to their thread with a confirmation of this recommendation. No application will be approved without this confirmation!!!)

Once you have applied, your application will be evaluated by our veterans and approved or denied by our officers. Application does NOT guarantee acceptance. Reasons you could be rejected:

- You don't have jobs we are recruiting at 70+ (Exceptions may be made for versatile folks with multiple 75s, cuz that's important too.) - The referring member you listed does not know you or did not make a recommendation. - The veterans don't like you. Sorry, but we don't want drama. We consider ourselves a family, and we've had enough trouble with people joining our shell that didn't fit in. We want cries of happiness when you join, not question marks. If you have a reputation on the server for shady activities, you can find a different shell. - The officers reserve the right to approve or reject for any reason, but no final decisions will be made without discussion and input from the veterans. - Ulric has final veto power. He's the senior officer, and when it comes down to it, he IS the shell holder.

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