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Overview of Hyper Notorious Monsters

They roam the deepest dungeons, or watch over commonly used areas from hard-to-reach places. Often, they drop some of the richest loot in all of Vana'diel. Players spend months and years hunting them. Real-money traders often camp them literally non-stop.

They are Hyper Notorious Monsters, often referred to by adventurers as "HNMs."

Classic examples of heavily-camped HNMs include Serket, Roc and King Arthro. Some HNMs can be taken down with a single party, and others require the use of an alliance.

For some, HNM camping is a one-time affair in hopes of getting rich, or obtaining a rare/exclusive item. For others, HNM camping becomes a way of life in Vana'diel.

HNMs of Vana'diel

Wyrm HNMs

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