Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About FFXI v2.0  

The following sites have been tremendously helpful to me during my time in FFXI and I will undoubtedly be going back to them time and again for refreshers or to relearn what I may have forgotten. I hope you can find at least some of them useful in your own quest for knowledge of how to be a better player.

As always, if you find a mistake or would like a site to be considered as an addition to the list please don't hesitate to reply to the thread or send me a PM.

Note: This is an exact copy of my post in the thread of the same name.

-- Ikonic

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Guides and General Information

Ultimate Search Sites

BG Wiki
FFXI Auction House Beta {Sarchar}
Final Fantasy XI Advanced Item Search
Killing Ifrit

Compilation Guides

Allakhazam Guides
FAQ: Guides, Links, and Posts. {AmbroseOdin/Tacitus}
Final Fantasy XI FAQs and Guides
Orestes - Missions/Quests/BCNM/CoP/AF/RSE/Scrolls/Merchants/Lvl'ing Guide
Ultimate FFXI Guide Completed {Taodyn}
Usefull Posts and Websites. New Player Friendly. {Diveos}

General Guides

Chocobo Raising
Chocobo Raising Compilaton {Darkffxi}
Info on Teleportation Outpost System
Outpost Teleportation Information
Outpost Teleporting - FFXIclopedia
RPG Expert - Final Fantasy XI - Outpost Teleports {Daarey}
All your AK posts.
EXP Table
Experience (per lvl, w/Raise, Reraise, R2, R3, MogHouse)
Experience Points {Juhle}
I Choose You! A Pankration Guide {Inaya}
JSE Subligar Mobs
Kiyo's Uber-mule Guide (A cheap way to get extra storage.) {Kiyokatsu}
Koolaid LS: Merit Points
Merit Points
Race-Specific Sachets (A Guide for Obtaining Them) {Ichthyos}
Relic Armor +1

Aht Urhgan

Erecia's Guide to All Things Treasure of Aht Urhgan {Erecia}
Farl's Treasure of Aht Urhgan Guide {Farl}
Gates of Aht Urhgan {Celeste}
Imperial Standing Rewards Table {Toksyuryel}


The History of Vana'diel
The Jobs of FFXI - A History {Tsukinomahou}

FFXI Info.

Amano's tips, tactics and strategies {AmanoJ}
FFXI interesting tips {Anaka & Saboruto}
Final Fantasy XI Player Icons {Yokuku}
Interesting things you may not know about FFXI {Saboruto}

Specific Game Terms

A mini guide to /search. {Aeryk}
A thousand and one reasons to love your markers! {AmanoJ}
The Ultimate Guide to /search (/sea). {Ikonic}


Equipment Swapping Macros {Ikonic}
Faranim's Guide to Japanese Macros {Faranim}
FFXI Interactive Zone Map
FFXI Macro Guide v0.9 {nemes1s/hpsolo}
FFXI: An FAQ to Everything You Wanted to Know About Commands v2.0 {Nalyr}
How to Save 40 Sets of Macros {Taodyn}
Macros {RagnaClay}
Moving macros to new computer.
Search Comment in Macro
Search Comment Macro


Firefox Extension: Vana'diel Clock {Xenoveritas}
MithraPride Airship Time Table
Real Time Conversion Charts
Vana'naVi Clock

Game Mechanics

Any way to disable 's in FFXI?
ASCII Codes and FFXI - How to make the symbols {DaluinRizzo}
Character Restoration: What You Should Know {Erawyn}
FFXI Finder {Neonexus}
FFXI Model Viewer
FFXI NotificationNazi {Fhqwghads/Trogdoor}
FFXI Patch Util {Sarchar}
FFXI Stuff {Fhqwghads/Trogdoor}
Final Fantasy XI Finder {Darkneo}
firefox users might be interested {Theus}
Friend List Plus
Getting the most out of the {Auto-Translator} {adennak}
More fun with .DAT file swapping {JiggsCasey}
Please help me I can't connect at school
Spyle's FFXI Log Parser {Spyle}
Spyle's FFXI Parser: A Guide {Ikonic}
TazzyLynn's Parser: A Guide {Ikonic}
Winamp plugin for listening to .bgw files {StarvingArtist}


5/6 Norg scroll quests completed, here is how i got the fame {BlondebeardThePirate}
Everything you ever wanted to know about fame
Everything you ever wanted to know about fame {Tekkub}
Fame 6 in Jueno in 1hr {Jowaa}
Fame for everywhere
Fomor Hate Titles
Saboruto's guide to getting fast, cheap, easy fame. {Saboruto}
When you get tired of Farming (Guide to Raising Fame in Windurst and Questing Aspir) {Jute}


FFXI Title List
Final Fantasy XI Title List {Rappa}
Final Fantasy XI Title List {Rappa}
You and Your Title {Jute}


FFXIclopedia - Moghancements
Final Fantasy XI Furniture and Moghancement Guide
Furniture Storage and Moghancements - Theory and List {Popsi}
Moghancement Guide {Popsi}
MogHouse Furnishings List - MysteryTour (if it doesn't work go to http://mysterytour.web.infoseek.co.jp/ffxi/us/ and click on Tips, then Moghancements)

Conquest Points

Conquering Vana'diel - A Guide to the Conquest and the Expeditionary Force
Conquest Point Item List for San d'Oria {Maeda}
CP Items for Bastok
CP Items for San d'Oria
CP Items for Windurst
Final Fantasy XI Conquest Points Guide


How to Obtain Your Mannequin. {Tanzein}
So you want a mannequin? Here's how to get one� {Splaytree}
Finalized Strange Apparatus Guide {Alaaba}
Guide - Chocobo Races! {Mieck}
Norg Quests


Adventuring Fellow Guide
Fellowship NPC Quests and General Information {Fastcart}
Fellowship Quest Completed: Destined Fellow {JenovasPuppet}
New NPC facts {huckster}


Guide to getting YOUR Moldavite Earring {Fedex}
Guide to getting YOUR Opo-opo Crown {Fedex}
Guide to getting YOUR Opo-Opo Crown Part 2 {Zamphire}
Hakutaku - The Optical Hat Guide {VagusOdin}

Event Guides


Apr. 21, 2005 Changes to Ballista
Ballista - License Quest
Ballista - Liscense and Rules
Ballista Conflict Guide {Marstead}
The Unofficial Ballista Forum


Garrison - FFXIclopedia
Garrison Guide - Final {Taodyn}
Garrison Guide for FFXI (Version 2.0) {Taodyn}


BCNM Guide - somepage.com
BCNM Guide To Victory! {Shadowhunting}
BCNM40 Guide v1.0 {Allegory}
Giddeus BCNM40 Guide {Saboruto}
Mangled Mandragora - Instructions Page - BCNM40
MysteryTour BCNM Info.


~~Interactive Promathia Mission Guide~~ {Queuebicks}
CoP Full Mission Guide {Osarion}
Darkprayer's Promyvion Guide {Darkprayer}
Erecia's Guide to All Things Chains of Promathia {Erecia}
Everything You Need to Know About Promyvions {Ariane}
Guide -> Riverne Site #A01 {Wingchild}
How to beat promyvion. {AmanoJ}
Phomiuna Aqueducts - Get your game on! {Wingchild}
Promyvion - How did you DO IT!?!?!
Promyvion - The Emptiness - Get Your Game On {Wingchild}
You STILL haven't beat the Promyvions?? {Wingchild}


Dynamis - A Guide (Volume 1) {Fedex}
Dynamis - A Guide (Volume 2) {Fedex}


Limbus Image Guide {Kaoz}
Limbus Info
Limbus, The Non-Brady Approved Guide

Money Making


A Beginning Guide to Making Gil {Hikarukage}
Economics, FFXI, Gil Sellers and You {Whales}
Farm + Craft = profit --> Get around FFXI economy, IRL to {Cigarman}
Money! Fame! A Guide to Repeatable Quests: Complete(?) List {Aleczan}
The ultimate gil-making guide! {Saboruto}
Thiefcat's Guide to Making Money for NEW Players! {Thiefcat}


Advanced Guide to Gardening {Katadyn}
Ariah's FFXI Garden (Gardening Fire Ore)
Clan of the Angry Monkey (FFXI): Gardening
Gardening Fever .. or .. Help Me Lower Fire Crystal Prices! {Freazer}
Grow gold beastcoins +more SECRETS REVEALED! {EconomyKiller}
Pikko Pots {Pikko}


{Money} {Do You Need it?} {DarkSchinder}
Bringing Home the Bacon: Your Choices for Making Money in Vana'diel {Silalus}
Dug's Guide to Farming {Dug}
Dystar's Guide to Making Gil {Dystar}
Farming Effectiveness {ninvampire}
How Do You Make Your Gil?
How to make 1mil a day as a level one? I'll tell you how (A Guide to Questing NIN Scrolls) {FuneralDancer}
Low level Farming: Where and How. {Moriggan}
Lumpy's Gil Makin Guide for Po'Folks. {Lumpkins}
Mini - Low Level - Bastok - Farming Guide. {Jinxfox}
Thief's Guide to Farming {Xelua}


Buzz's Big Book of NM Hunting {Buzzltyear}
Chest and Coffer Contents - A Listing {BanditQueenArianna}
Moon Phase: Affecting NM Hunting and Drops
Notorious Monster Map - Presented by Liene : No.18-Gilgamesh LS-EternalForce
Notorious Monsters (NM) Hunting Guide - Final Fantasy XI - somepage.com
PIRATES!! (Be prepared, Hope this helps) {Enneisevoli}


Chocobo Digging 101 (aka: Lots of Pebbles)
Mining Logging Harvesting Excavition MAP
Oldton Movalpolis Animated Mining Map (w/xtra info) {Fhqwghads}


Clamming 101 {Onionsoilder/Neomage}

Parties and All That Go With Them

Starting Out

Drachasor's Guide for Beginners {Drachasor}
Guide for Beginner to Thirty {Taruofwar}
Starting out in FFXI - A Guide for New Players {Ryneguy}
Ten tips for new player just starting out. {Saboruto}
The Way too Long Guide to Newbie Levelling {Dagas}


An Essay. Exp the fun and exciting way. {Lhun}
Art of Leadership: Strategic, Wise, and Prepared in Vanadiel {Rebornfenyx}
Art of Melee Replacing (Long) {Uchipu}
Effective Party Leadership (13 Tips for Aspiring Party Leaders) {Mindel}
FFXIclopedia Partying Guide
How to /PUP. (A guide for support healers and soloing.) {Diexna}
How to Make the Most of Your Ninja Tank (a primer) {Levish}
Let us Define a Tank� {GrumpyWookie}
Monk Bones PTs in KRT the right way {Genomeffxi}
Partying with a beastmaster: A how-to guide {Saboruto}
Pointers From a JP Taru {uchipu}
Refresh etiquette....please read <_> {Noriko}
Stop EXP myths {goldsounds}
Understanding Party Dynamics And Organization {Jerseyprophet}
Unveiling Party Fundamentals {Fedex}
You've heard of Manaburn: Have you heard of Speedkill? {Lithiani}


Comprehensive Food List
Final Fantasy XI Food Effects
Food Compare 0.95 {Darkani}

Aggro and Enmity

Aggro 101: A Guide for Newbies. {Xylia}
How to avoid aggro, a compilation {Stunted}
Q's Guide to Adds, Aggro, and Zoning {Fhqwghads}
The Newbie's Guide to Hate and Aggro {Keibah}
Understanding Enmity {GrumpyWookie}


Mob Information - Elemental Attributes and Charmability {Roffler}
Monsters And Their Elemental Traits


A puller's statement {MissLMonkey/Zavia}
Beginner's Guide to Pulling {Ixaera}
Ith's Open Guide on Pulling. {ItharrAlexander}
Puller's Primer v0.4a {Kiine}
Pulling FAQ {Capek}


A Small Guide to the Japanese Language {Elizabet}
FFXI Japanese Language (Nihongo) Guide Version 1.7 {Shigemo}
Japanese Players & My Observations {Uchipu}
JP/NA? No Problem! A Small Guide {SelbinaButter/Mimir}
JPN Words/Phrases Useful for FFXI
My Guide to Working with Japanese {Scubamage}
Solid JP translation of NIN tools/spells {Kiyokatsu}

Lvl'ing Locations

***Campsites Updated*** {FFXIFiresoul}

Experience Point Camps in Aht Urghan: A Guide

] {Ramsey}
Amaterasu's leveling guide {Amaterasu}
Campsitarus {Tuufless}
Campsites {AmbroseOdin}
How to get good xp from levels 1-30 {Yarunk}
Hunting Place: A guide of where to lvl. (if it doesn't work go to http://mysterytour.web.infoseek.co.jp/ffxi/us/ and click on Tips, then Hunting Place)
Leveling Guide and Camps according to the Area Master Guide {Alaaba}
Leveling Locations 12-50 {Aaero}
XP Guide - PDF Format {etnapwnzs/Ayrlie}


Blue Elephant Brigade - Maps
Map Guide (Do You Need It?) {Ikas}
Maps of Vana'diel
Treasure Hunting Map
Vana'diel Atlas - FFXI Maps Collection
Zone Connection Maps

Skills and Damage

Damage & Damage Modifiers

-% damage (Damage reduction is additive not multiplicitive.) {Aurikan}
Anyone know the actual evasion formula?
Calculating Weapon Skill Damage
Combat Damage Faq -- STR, VIT, DEF, & ATK explained {Bugpop}
FFXI Damage Calculator {Ilean}
Guide to Piercing Damage {BrimstoneFox}
Latent and Hidden Effects
Latent Effect - hidden triggers and effects {Darkdashing}
WS Damage Modifiers


A SAMs guide to skillchains for the newbie BLM {Lithiani}
Aden's Renkei Chart
AlexisLucia's Skillchain Calculator {AlexisLucia}
Balorn's Final Fantasy XI Skillchain Calculator {Balorn}
DranoK's Skillchain Calculator v2.21
FFXI Renkei/Skillchain v4.0 {Alvehyanna}
Honor SCX (Skillchain Calculator)
Skillchains and how they work {RidingBean}
Vana'Guide Skillchain Chart
Xarak's Skillchain Calculator

Figuring Out What Your Skill Should Be

FFXI Skill Capture
FFXI Stats Calculator {Kaguyaneko}
Final Fantasy XI Character Stat Predictor
Skill Limit Database - somepage.com
Weaponskill Limit Database - somepage.com


Let's go skill-up, shall we? {SubZero}
Skill Up Chart 1 (Alternate Location)
Skill Up Chart 2 (Alternate Location)
Skill up Parties: Why and How (need your coffer key?) {Blowfin}
Skilling up parry: A basic guide {TheTomas}
SkillUp Chart 1 (may have to type URL into your browser or refresh to get it to load)
SkillUp Chart 2 (may have to type URL into your browser or refresh to get it to load)


Job Info.

2hr {You can have this} {Paoa}
AF Quests - MysteryTour (if it doesn't work go to http://mysterytour.web.infoseek.co.jp/ffxi/us/ and click on Quest, then Artifact)
An Essay Concerning Subjobs {Temeraire}
Coffer AF FAQ - Where is my AF and what do I fight? {Mikhalia}
Dispelling the myths� {Saboruto}
List: Standard Exp Camps with Charmable Pets {Ryotu}
Of Melee Damage-Dealers in FFXI {Aseran}
Partying with a beastmaster: A how-to guide {Saboruto}
PTing as Bst in my experiences {Upperclass}
The Big Finale - Things for you to Dispel {Jyneefur}
What everyone else might like to know about BST {Winawer}
Why MY job is the best in the game. {Saboruto}


BLM 101 {BlastolaQuetz}
Blm AF Walkthrough {Ollorin}
BLM Spells: Where to get them/what they cost/recast times
BLM: Debuff/Buff/Nuking/Partying/etc {KudomaBooYah}
Duracell's Guide to Black Mage Equipment and Advanced Macros {DuracellPhoenix}
Elemental Debuffs 101 {Taga}
Obi Farming Spots (Soloing Tips as BLM)
The Arcane Tome of DOOM� (Link Compilation) {Sloppysue}
Tool for new BLMs (Elemental Wheel Chart) {Bangdead}


Bard 101 {Alamine}
Bard Guide v1.0 {Trickybeck}
Complete Bard Guide, levels 1-55 {Saboruto}
I Can't Stick Threnody.
Shinoh's Bard Weapons Guide {Shinoh}
Targetable Etudes and You: A Guide {Saboruto}


"Charm +" Demystified! {RattyBatty}
AF Information (BST) {Lilyanne}
All About Widescan: Widescan Demystified! {RattyBatty}
Beast Strength Chart
Beastmaster 101 {Shinoda}
Beastmaster Guide {Divada}
Beastry Chart / Beast Category List {Thiefcat}
BST Duo/Party Leveling Spots {Lindeus}
BST leveling locations that worked for me {Deimoss}
BST Macros {BuzzLtyear}
Category:Familiars (BST Pets)
Everything you need to know about Beastmaster! {Lindeus}
From the mind of the BST {Liquidedust}
Researched Jug Pet Data {Lindeus}
The Beastmaster Code. {RattyBatty}
The BST Bible {RunningDemon}
The Creatures of Vanadiel
Updated Hunting Grounds: Revised XP Guide for Beastmasters {Durginn}


Compilation of Useful Topics {Nanisevel}
Drachen Artifact (AF) Armor (The full story) {Fhernias}
Dragoon FAQ {Sey}
DRG equipment guide LVL 1-75 {DiscipleOfKain}
Equipment Guide LVL 1-75 {DiscipleOfKain}
Healing Breath - FFXIclopedia


Dark Knight Guide {Orikenus}


Effen's MNK FAQ - AK
Effen's Monk FAQ V1.06 - KI
If you are a MNK, please read. {Resistance}
Mathematics for Monks {DJSlyde}
MND equipment {Thalthas}
MNK Guide - Gamefaqs.com
The Bones Listing: A Monk's Guide to Bones {Hinwei}
The Monk Index (Updated) {Ikonic}


Guide to Blink Tanking and Utsusemi {Jahava}
Ninja AF Quests, only time I will post them. {Kofka}
Ninja Equipment {TsuDymphna}
Ninja FAQ / Guide {Vinay}


Comprehensive Paladin Guide {Akirussan}
Paladin AF Armor. {Russian}
Paladin Equipment guide (1-50) {Fisban}
Paladin Extended Guide (51-75) {Fisban}


Adventures in the lives of PUP tanks {Enaru}
Behaviour of the Stormwaker Frame {YuriOtani}
Puppetmaster: Upgrading Your Automaton
Understanding Maneuvers and their Combinations {YuriOtani}


A guide to the effective use of Chainspell {kingjord}
RDM 101 v2.0 --- Stays Crunchy in Milk, Makes Julienne Fries {Liselle}
RDM Guide to Keeping the Chain Alive. {kingjord}
Red Mage 101 {Airspirit}
Red Mage AF Walkthrough - Complete {Aracelt}
Red Mage FAQ {Bayler}
Red Mage/Ninja, a careful consideration {Drachasor}


Another Equip Guide (1-75) {Tredant}
Ranger FAQ {Kamena}
RNG AF Guide {Rkenshin}


Samurai 101 {Kyoujin}


FFXI Summoners Handbook {DarkswordDX}
KT Summoner
SMN Macros - KI
The Summoner Upgrade FYI {Spudmatt/Fieras}
Thiefcat's Guide to Lvl 20 Avatar Fights. {Thiefcat}


Attempt at a THF Guide O_O {Vryali}
Equipments Suggestions Guide {ReiAyanami}
Famke's Revised FFXI Thief Artifact Guide {Famke}
Sneak Attack / Trick Attack + Weapon Skill Guide {Leachman}
Useful Forum Links {LostTink/Sukei}


WAR/MNK tanking: a Guide / FAQ {Zalakria}
Warrior Equipment Guide {KadathFFXI}
Warrior Guides & Useful Links {Firebirdjim}


White Mage 101 {RydiaJademist}
White Mage 101 Compiled {KaiHiwatari}
White Mage Artifact Armor: Compiled Information {Skeiron}
White Mage Equipment Guide {Cesium}
WHM Spells: Where to get them/what they cost/recast times


Crafting: General Guides

Do you have what is takes? (to be a crafter) {Popsi}
Elemental Day Effect on Item Synthesis (a must-read!) {Saboruto}
How to lv your guild, and how to make money to fund it. {CingOfCookies}
HQ Mystery Solved? {Eruntalon}
On the Shoulders of Giants (or, The Eruntalon Code) {Muiradayi}
Sgtpayne's Guide to Crafting {Sgtpayne}
Synthesis Theory and the Rules of Eight {FacerX/Ravel}
Tradeskill Guides, Links and Useful Posts {MistressKat}
Valefor Crafts Directory
When Do I Craft to MAX Skill Ups.. The Answer {Purplenv}

Crafting Guides

Crafting Recipes
Escalade's Crafting Guides {Escalade}
Goodconscience's Crafting Guides {Goodconscience}
Guides for all guilds lv0-60+ inside! - KI

Crafting Tools

Crafting Rules
Crafting Rules
Crafting Rules
Hitchhiker's TOOL to Crafting. {Gourry}
Lokyst's FFXI Crafting Timer {Lokyst}
Merchants of Vana'diel Guide - somepage.com
Titanictus.Com Guild Item Listing
Van'diel Price List


0-60 Alchemy, My Guide. {Buteo}
Alchemy 0-60 the 'sorta easy' way. {CubsWoo}
Alchemy 0-60+ {Dragonhope}
Cheap Alchemy 0 to 60 in a Nutshell {Aurikan}
Keichan's Alchemy Guide 1-100 {Keichan}
My 5 Day Alchemy Journey to 68 {RickyTheRaccoon/TheRiddler}


Arkenstone's Bonecraft Guide (0-100)


Clothcraft Guide (0-62) {CometNet}
CometNet's Clothcraft Guide v2.0 (0-80) {Aurikan}


Belot's Shot at a Guide to Cooking... (0-60) {Belot}
Cooking Guide (0-100) {Qheretic}
Dasher's Cooking 0-100 {Dasher}
Feeding Your White Mage (Cooking from 0-90) {Popsi}
Kiyo's Juice Bar {Kiyokatsu}
So you wanna be a cook eh? (0-40) {Wolfstable}
So you want/need money?? Read on� (Cooking from 0-40) {Pharadox}
Working the Kitchen (Cooking 0-100) {Satlan}


Goldsmithing 1-50 {Smurv}
Sicboy's Goldsmithing Guide (0-100) {Sicboy}


Leatherworking 0-60+ {Dragonhope}
Leatherworking 0-90+, The skillpath(s) that I think work best. {Dragonhope}
Treefiddy's Leathercrafting Guide! (0-100) {Treefiddy}


Blacksmithing Guide - From 0-26 with profit {Yarinn}
Hitchhiker's Guide to Smithing. 0-100 & Usefull Knowledge {Gourry}
Smithing 0-83 (Potentially for profit) {Curseddestroyer}


Easy Fishing Guide: 0-35 and Beyond {Airspirit}
FFXI Fishing Database {Xar}
Fishing 101 (lvl 0-54) {Bink}
Geli's 100% Safe Fishing. 0-69 {Geli}
Osakana Database Moat Carp -- FFXI Fishing Linkshell @ Odin
Post-Update Fishing Guide 0-100 {Akirussan}
So you wanna be a Fisherman eh? (0-40) {Wolfstable}
ta dah noting (Fishing 0-40) {CingOfCookies}
The Safest and Cheapest way to raise your fishing skill from 0-100. {Magdelena}


Clam Bucketeer! v.1

Entertaining Stuff


"Why, back in my day..." {Rheywolf}
A Smithy's Life {Taodyn}
Bannable Offenses {Taodyn}
Controlling 6 characters? at the same time? {Chainspell}
FFXI Wallpapers - Ver.2 {Sidhejester}
FFXI Wallpapers^^ {Sidhejester}
FFXI Web Comics: A List {Taodyn}
FFXI.Allakhazam: The CCG {MDenham}
Guide To Levelling Worm {TheMagicalPony}
How to camp the HNM's Cute Girl and Hot Chick: Advice from a successful camper... {Zanzibari}
How to speak n00b - a guide {Taodyn}
LFG in WalMart. {GrumpyWookie}
Pebbles UNLEASHED! {Coffeehamlet}
Something we may have neglected.... {Kahr}
Square Enix and blatant racism. {Saboruto}
The Legend of The Subligar Man {Resistance}
The Treadmill From Hell {GrumpyWookie}
The Wookie Files: Main Page Version (A Compilation) {Darkfighter}
Transworld Project - Outstanding FFXI Graphics {Selece}
Webcomic pokes fun at IGE/Gil Sellers


Karg's Library of FFXI Music Links {Karg}
Kiyo's Video Library {Kiyokatsu}

Final Fantasy XI

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