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Failure to successfully complete this leg will result in the need to start all over. So it is suggest you have at least one other person with you if you can solo the mobs at the end.

  1. Find Telin Darkforest (Burning Woods) ( 3240,2862,-155 )
    • Requirement: Must be Amiable to Faydark Champions
    • Conversation
    • You say, 'Hail, Telin Darkforest'
      Telin Darkforest looks at you serenely. 'Hello, wanderer.'
      You say, 'What are you doing here?'
      Telin Darkforest says 'Mighty this place must have been, once. Now scarred by hatred and suffering. I have been sent here seeking answers to problems not yet understood.'
      You say, 'What answers?'
      Telin Darkforest considers you for a few moments before speaking. 'A great evil walks across the land. The hand of some demon we don't yet know is twisting and polluting forests.'
      You say, 'What demon?'
      Telin Darkforest says 'Mighty this place must have been, once. Now scarred by hatred and suffering. I have been sent here seeking answers to problems not yet understood.'
      You say, 'What evil?'
      Telin Darkforest says 'If I knew that, I wouldnt be here looking for answers. I would be elsewhere, looking for solutions. For now, I suspect much but know little.'
      You say, 'What do you suspect?'
      Telin Darkforest looks at you and sighs. 'The lands are changing. Beasts, large and small, have turned upon those who watched over them. Druids and rangers, worshippers of both Karana and Tunare, have reported a feeling of hatred throughout their once peaceful lands.'
      You say, 'Perhaps it is Innoruuk?'
      Telin Darkforest raises his eyebrow slightly and a subtle look of surprise creeps across his face. 'Innoruuk? Perhaps. Aye. It must be. Perhaps I knew and didn't want to consider the possibility. It must be this though, and some action will have to be taken.'
      You say, 'What action?'
      Telin Darkforest looks at you consideringly and then scribbles something quickly on a small, worn paper. 'You seem powerful enough. Perhaps you can help those who seek to protect nature's peace. Take this note. Deliver it only into the hands of Faelin Bloodbriar. Where you will find her, I cannot say. She is a friend of mine and a wanderer. She has been seen from one end of the lands to the other. Seek her out, and quickly.'
      You receive a Worn Note (identifies as "Note from the hands of Telin").
      Find Faelin Bloodbriar (Greater Faydark ( +1500,+500, ), with an orc pawn as placeholder.
      Give her the note.
      Faelin Bloodbriar reads the note carefully and growls to herself. 'Bad news, eh? Take this ring. There is one elf, dark elf even, who we must find in order to gain insight into Innoruuk's plans. Giz X'Tin, he goes by most commonly. Kithicor seems to be his favorite haunt and most likely you will find him there. Don't ask how I know him. Just take the ring as my sign to him and he will speak to you. We don't need to speak again, so don't seek me out, just go to Telin. I must leave to investigate these events.'
      You receive Faelin`s Ring (identifies as "Personal Ring of Faelin").
      Faelin despawns.
      Find Giz X`Tin (Kithicor Forest)
      Give him the ring.
      Giz X'Tin flips you a coin after he recognizes the ring. 'It seems we have a mutual 'acquaintance.' The coin repays an old debt. You don't have to worry about what that is. Luckily, Lord Innoruuk has informed me of your coming and your desires. Fortunately, I have all the answers you require right here at the end of my friend's blade. I think I'll be paying my old 'friend' a visit.'
      You receive a Dark Metal Coin (identifies as "An old coin"). A level 50 Teir`Dal Reaver spawns and attacks. You can outrun it with SoW if required, or kill it (no faction hits). Once it's dead:
      • Teir`Dal Reaver says 'Lord Innoruuk, I have failed you. Forgive me and spare me from service to your undead minions in this world!'
      Go back to Telin Darkforest and give him the coin.
      Telin Darkforest scratches the coin as he looks at it. 'Faelin sent you to Giz? Surprising. This coin speaks to the outcome of your talk. He would hardly give this bit of metal to a stranger, but that's a story for a different time. So, you say Giz did confirm Innoruuk's involvement, and something about undead minions? Here, take this coin back. Find Arch Druid Althele in the Karanas and show her that. Tell her what we have discussed. She will look kindly on an ally in this matter.'
      You get a Worn Dark Metal Coin back (identifies as "An old coin, worn through handling").
  2. Althele may be found in East Karana at ( -3650,-1600, ).
    • Conversation
    • You say, 'Hail, Althele'
      Althele says 'Hello, friend. Beautiful is what I would call such a day normally, but lately? I sense that something is of balance.'
      You say, 'What is out of balance?'
      Althele says 'I sense something foreboding, young one, but you should think nothing of it. The sons and daughters of nature will be able to deal with this problem.'
      Give her the coin.
      Althele looks at the coin and nods gravely at you as she slips it into a fold of her clothing. 'I see. The story of this coin speaks much to me as do the words you have given me. Telin sent word that you would arrive. The tidings you bring are ill indeed. Here, take this amulet and find Sionae. She is nearby. We will speak more on this matter when all are present.'
      You receive a Braided Grass Amulet (identifies as "Token of Gathering").
  3. Track Sionae.
    • Give her the amulet.
    • Conversation
    • Sionae says 'I see that the time has come. Take the amulet and give it to the third of our kin, Nuien. I will meet you at the gathering.'
    • You get a Frayed Braided Grass Amulet (identifies as "Token frayed by use").
  4. You begin tracking Nuien.
    • Give her the amulet.
    • Conversation:
    • Nuien says 'So be it. Do as you have done before and find the next. Teloa is the last.'
    • You get the amulet back.
  5. You begin tracking Teloa.
    • Give her the amulet.
    • Conversation
    • Teloa begins walking toward the gathering spot. 'Follow, friend.'
      When Teloa gets to the group:
      Althele says 'Great mother of life and father of sky, growth and spirit, Tunare and Karana. Innoruuk once again schemes and we have failed in our duties to protect our land. We give our powers in sacrifice for your help. Heed our call and send us your wisdom.'
      Teloa begins to cast a spell.
      Teloa breathes slowly as tendrils of power emanate from her body and race along the ground.
      Nuien begins to cast a spell.
      Nuien growls as his power seeps into the earth.
      Sionae begins to cast a spell.
      Sionae shivers as her power flows into the air above the gathering.
      Tholris begins to cast a spell.
      Tholris breathes quickly and sweats as he channels his spirit into the sky.
      Althele snaps her head towards you. 'Innoruuk's brood is upon us. Go, find the spawn of hatred before they reach this point and destroy them!'
      Dark Elf Corruptor shouts 'We come for you, fools. Your reign of weakness over the powers of the land comes to an end now!'
  6. The last step is the trigger for the Dark Elf Corruptor and two Dark Elf Reavers (all about level 50) to spawn on top of the hill east of the river, at -1500, -1000. The Corruptor will despawn after 10 seconds if not attacked. The Reavers will attack and try to kill the four druids (Althele will respawn in about an hour); if they succeed, the Corruptor will despawn. Kill the Corruptor.
  7. Althele hands the book to Tholris who reads through it with lines of concern etched on his face, then whispers into her ear. 'Dire news, indeed. This cannot be allowed. I must keep this book but you, ______, must not allow Innoruuk, to seed the land with his hatred and filth. You have only just begun your quest. The path you are guided upon will be difficult, if not impossible, but someone must finish it. Please, take this, read of it, follow its instructions. Tunare bless your path and Karana watch over you.'
    • You receive an Earth Stained Note (identifies as "Note from Althele")
    • Contents:
    • We cannot speak again. Our circle is now known and must seek sanctuary. In case this note were to fall into others' hands, I cannot tell you plainly the next steps of your task. All I can say is to seek she who walks the path of the mother, she who walks the lands in service to her kin. Give her this note and she will know.
  8. The one you must seek is Ella Foodcrafter, who wanders Misty Thicket. Make sure to have an inventory slot free.

Elaborate Scimitar

Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer

Cleansed Spirit of Antonica

Cleansed Spirit of Kunark


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