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The Argonauts: A Dynamis Linkshell on Ramuh

Thank you for your interest in our linkshell. For more information on our linkshell, feel free to check out our web at


Founded in June of 2006 by Batosi, the Argonauts is a veteran shell to the Dynamis scene. The linkshell combines a social atmosphere with strong team play and excellent tactics. The guild has successfully cleared all major Dynamises save for Xarcabard currently. It meets currently once weekly, on Thursday nights.

Raid Points

Reasons for Raidpoints

Raid points are going to be used in this shell to determine who has earned their relic armor. The reason our shell will use raid points is to make sure that people who come to the most runs and help the linkshell out the most will be most entitled to receiving the drops.

Distribution of Raid Points

As of right now each run is worth up to 5 raid points and will be earned as follows: - 1 point will be awarded for showing up ready to go and in the shell on time 30 minutes before the run begins. Remember, we are going into the zones promptly at 7:00 so on time is 30 minutes prior. - 1 point will be awarded per hour that we will be in dynamis. I.E. 7:00-8:00 = 1 point, 8:00-9:00= 1 point and so on. A maximum of 3 points can be earned in this way. This also means if you leave after 1 hour of dynamis you can only earn a maximum of 2 points for the run. (1 for being on time, 1 for 1 hour of help) - 1 point will be awarded for completion of the zone. To successfully earn all 5 points, you must be on time, participate for all 3 hours of the run, and we have to complete the zone.

Rights to Armor

This is where stuff gets a little more complicated.

You are only eligible to try for relic armor on a job that you have at level 70 or higher. If you go as a thief to dynamis but really want the dark knight relic armor that drops there, you can go for the dark knight relic as long as it is level 70 or higher. This is to prevent level 40 rangers from out bidding a level 75 ranger and having the relic armor rot for 6 months in a mog house.

If you don't have any jobs level 70 or higher then you are not entitled to bid on armor. You will still receive raid points for your efforts and as soon as you become level 70 you can use those raid points to bid on armor. We would rather see the armor that falls be used and not just stashed. You can always lot on the synthesis materials until then to try and make some profit.

Currency is not an option for lots. Part 1

Everyone must have a search comment posted BEFORE the run begins. In your comment you will place what zone we are doing, and what your are trying to go for on that run. Assuming you are a ninja going to Dynamis Sandoria these would be your 3 search comment options: - Dynamis Sandoria, Artifact Pants, yes please - Dynamis Sandoria, Synthesis Materials - Dynamis Sandoria, Fun and Excitement


Part 2

In the case that a piece of armor drops, an auction will begin, run by a leader. For instance, if the blm pants drop in dynamis-bastok, this is the process that would follow: - All the people that have blm pants listed in their search comment will bid their raid points - The person who bids the highest amount of raid points is the ONLY person who will lot - The rest of the shell will pass on the armor allowing it to drop to it's rightful owner - The person who received the armor will lose the amount of raid points bid. - The bidding will start at 5 raid points for any piece of armor - Please note that you cannot bid raid points you are in the process of earning in the current raid.

In the case of 2 people ending up with the same amount of raid points, those 2 people will cast lots and the winner of the armor will lose that amount of RPs.

Part 3

In the event that relic armor drops and no one has that piece in their search comment, people that have that job to level 70 will have first rights and will have the option to bid raidpoints. If there are no people willing to do this, the minimum level requirement drops to 65 and all who are interested (that have the job at 65 or higher) may bid raidpoints starting at 5. If noone claims the item at this point it will go to free lot with the winner losing 3 raid points for getting relic armor.


Raid points will be listed and updated on this site under "Roster." If you have further questions you can contact Muligan who will be in charge of this part of our linkshell.


The rules of Argonauts are as follows:

Be Respectful

This is the primary rule we have and will enforce. It applies to every aspect of our raids and every member of our shell. One of the many purposes of our shell is to have fun and be successful and without respect for the leaders and our fellow members, neither goal will be accomplished.

Follow Directions

The number 1 reason for death in dynamis is people not working as a team. In order for this teamwork to happen, you must follow the directions of your squad leaders. Please remember that while it may be different than previous times you have gone, the instructions given out must still be followed for us to be successful as a linkshell.

Don't Free Lot

This shell has a very clear policy on how we can earn our relic armor. To learn how our policy works please read the section called "Raid Points."

No one is to free lot on anything. Synthesis materials will be the only drops that will be lotted on by multiple people and this will only happen if that is what you have placed in your search comment.

Currency will be collected and pooled and will go to the person who bought the hourglass for the run. This is not something that will ever be lotable in this shell.

Players that intentionally break this rule will end up with a broken pearl and a warp II. In order to be fair to all we must keep free lotting to a minimum.

The next set of rules have to do with the actual runs, not policy.

Do not go in front of the Tank

The only people that should ever be in front of the primary tank are the puller, the puller's help, and possibly the black mages depending on the situation.

Do not /heal once the pull has occurred

If a mage is resting while the kiter runs by with a train, the kite loses hate and it will result in unnescasary death. Quite simply, if a pull is about to happen, stand up and don't rest until the last mob is taken off of the kite.

Do not become an independent

As stated before, success comes from teamwork. This rule is to stop people from trying to become a hero. The train of monsters in dynamis is normal. Do NOT try to sleep the train and or pull off random mobs unless you are assigned this task. It will be very clear as to who you should be assisting. This is a clarification on a previous rule of "follow directions." As stated before, your squad leaders will inform you on exactly what you should be doing.

Death happens, Live with it

At any point a wipe can occur. Mistakes happen and we are aware of this and accept this fact. While a Raise III for everyone in the shell would be perfect, it is unlikely. Bring a Reraise hairpin or a gorget and use it. Also, come with a buffer for experience so you won't delevel. Black mages, tanks, and pullers, will be first in line for raise III's due to the fact that they will probably die the most.

If you aren't prepared and don't have reraise gear, don't complain if you have to take a raise I. Remember, it is your responsibility to be prepared.

If death was a stupid mistake or just an unpreventable occurance, we will get up and try again as long as our time allows us. We will not put down our shell members or be disrespectful in anyway. In doing dynamis we all have to accept the fact that at some point, we will all need a raise.

During a raid is NOT the time to discuss strategy

Got an idea for a new kite path? Got an idea for a new order to kill monsters? Got a new thought on policy and rules? We would love to hear from you!!! (just not during a raid)

Dynamis is a timed event and the leadership of the shell has slaved for hours coming up with paths and strategies. If you think you have a new strategy we could use, we are always open to your opinion. These suggestions will be accepted and considered any day prior to our raid date. While new strategies are nice and helpful, they are a waste of time once the raid has begun. We all have better things to be thinking about while in dynamis.

Don't be stupid

This is the leadership's disclaimer to all. If at any point someone breaks a rule, we reserve the right to break your pearl. While dynamis is fun and exciting, it can be frustrating if people don't work together. We are all friends here and we would like it to stay this way.

Stay Positive

This is the last rule for the linkshell. Where the rules may come across as being strict, it was intended for them to be straightforward and clear so there is no confusion.

We hope that all of our members will enjoy every raid that we embark on, no matter how successful it may end up. We will learn from our mistakes and become a great team as long as we all continue to have fun while we are together.

On a closing note, here's wishing us all good luck, success, and lots of fun.

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