Akaavi Spar (TOR Mob)  


Star Wars:
The Old Republic


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I am just using this page to gather some information about this companion.

Affection Missions

  1. Welcome Akaavi Spar
  2. There Are No Coincidences
  3. Worthy Foes Make Worthy Allies
  4. Uncommon Ground
  5. Zadik Lone
  6. Imperial Vendetta
  7. A Call For Loyalty
  8. Crossroads
  9. A Show of Respect
  10. Methods to the Madness
  11. The Trail of Tayari Rook
  12. Light Sleepers - If you have been courting both Akaavi and Risha, this is where you have to choose.
  13. Clan Rook
  14. Surrendering to the Inevitable
  15. Clan Mates
  16. Concessions and Confessions

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