2007 Doll Festival  

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Event Description

The Doll Festival has become a regular Vana'diel special event since it was first introduced in 2005. This event is usually run corresponding to the Japanese holiday Hina Matsuri or Girl's Day, which is observed every year on the third day of the third month (March 3). The 2007 Doll Festival introduced the first ever Final Fantasy XI Fan Art contest! View the contest results.

This event ran from February 23, 2007 until March 4, 2007.

Event Guide

This event did not involve a quest. The M.H.M.U. simply sent 11 of a random type of racial rice cake to each player in Vana'diel. Depending on what type of cake you received, eating one would temporarily turn you into a little girl of that race. Available cakes:

PlayOnline Write-up

Do you like dolls? Do you like diamond-shaped sweet rice cakes? Do you like being mysteriously transformed into a little girl? Well, then we have the event for you! The three nations of Bastok, Windurst, and San d'Oria have broken out the peach trees and life-sized dioramas and turned up the festivity meter to 10, all in time for the legendary Doll Festival!

And what would a festival be without the meddling of those merry moogles down at the MHMU? Your cuddly friends have been working 25-hour days without overtime for the past three and a half weeks to prepare sweet snacks just for you and the other one million adventurers out there.

But that's not all! Your other friends here in Topics-land have also been planning an exciting contest for all the aspiring artists in Vana'diel.

To learn how to enter the Fan Art Contest, click here.

The Doll Festival is a solemn Far Eastern celebration in which displays of dolls and sweets are used to congratulate young girls on their growth.

The festival is supposed to be for young girls only, but the M.H.M.U. (Mog House Management Union) has been working with Windurst's Rhinostery to develop a special variety of rice cake that turns anyone who eats one into a little girl, ultimately allowing boys and girls of all sizes to participate in the festivities!

To make sure that everyone receives a piece of the magical cake, moogles down at the MHMU have been stuffing envelopes full of the tasty treats and sending them to every single Mog House in Vana'diel. *Rice cakes should start arriving in Mog House delivery boxes sometime on or around February 23. Not everyone's will arrive at the same time. *Only characters starting their adventures before 2/18/2007 will receive a cake. *If you return your cake to the MHMU, you will not be able to receive another one.

Doll Festival Decorations

The following areas will be decked with Doll Festival decor from midnight on February 23, 2007 (PST) to midnight, March 4:

- Southern San d'Oria - Northern San d'Oria - Bastok Mines - Bastok Markets - Windurst Waters - Windurst Woods

Player Images

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