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If you can do it technically, try it until someone stops you. "I guess power isn't what you want it to be: it's what it is." Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto ☣[☢CAUTION☢]☣ [quote=Alma]They do require a certain level of intellect to understand. It's like looking at the "magic" pictures composed of dots. To the ordinary idiot, it's just a bunch of dots, but to the more advanced personnel, they can see the picture. My suggestion to you is to step up your IQ. See if you can hit a double integer.[/quote] Fear is Freedom! Control is Liberty! Contradiction is Truth! That is the reality of this world! This is human nature in it's purest form! Prosperity will lead to greed, and greed will lead to their eventual downfall!! Once they have a taste of worldly pleasures, They're enslaved by them forever!! They've become slaves to the world I have created!! Truly they're pigs in human clothing!! [quote]What if the bird will not sing? Nobunaga answers, "Kill it!" Hideyoshi answers, "Make it want to sing." Ieyasu answers, "Wait."[/quote] Timelordwho answers "Just as Planned." Just as Planned. "Ask not the sparrow how the eagle soars"

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