January 7th Update

We added a couple features to the site this week I figured I would point out to you. First off, we now track ground spawn in the game. So if you want to know where specific herbs or minerals or chests may be found, you can now look them up and see the spawn points on a map. We also added a list of the item sets in the game. And finally, we added a unified site search that lets you search items, quests and mobs in one single search. New Guides: Chtulhu's Gold Making GuideNewbie Guide 9.5 - The Stuff they don't teach you in schoolNewbie Guide 9 - Abilities and TalentsNewbie Guide 8 - Quests, parties, and instancesMage - Little Known FactsWarrior - Little Known FactsShaman - Little Known Facts IIShaman - Little Known FactsPriest - Little Known FactsHunter - Little Known FactsRogue - Little Known FactsWarlock - Little Known FactsGrinding Guide (35-60)

New Items: Robe of the VoidMasters Rod68 Pound GrouperAlchemists' StoneCelestial PauldronsRazor AxeWar Paint Shield Updated Items: Acolyte's RobeInfernal Trickster LeggingsBrown Leather SatchelChief Brigadier GauntletsConjurer's MantleBandit BootsMistscape SashBright MantleHellion BootsLinen BandageFeathered BreastplateStaff of Noh'OrahilBlackened Defias LeggingsElegant CircletHumbert's PantsCerise DrapeTree Bark JacketIcemetal BarbuteWindrunner LegguardsImperial Red CircletWhispering VestBloodpikeCouncillor's TunicCombatant ClaymoreViscous HammerDreadforge RetaliatorWillow Band HauberkTreetop LeggingsIcemail JerkinBristlebark BootsOutrider LeggingsGnarled Ash StaffClayridge HelmForest Tracker EpauletsDuskwoven AmiceBlackskull ShieldAvenguard HelmSwampwalker BootsExplosive ShotgunRaptor Hunter TunicBarbaric LeggingsMoonglow VestGreen Whelp ArmorJinxed Hoodoo KiltWard of the ValeLunar CoronetBrackwater GauntletsTrueshot BowPink Mageweave ShirtTwig of the World TreeHelm of the MountainWarm Winter RobeEngraved WallTorch of RetributionElectromagnetic Gigaflux ReactivatorLord Alexander's Battle AxeMistscape Mantle

Updated Quests: The Dark Iron WarThe Lost IngotsLightforge IronDriftwood... and BugsSkullsplitter TusksEncroaching WildlifeRumors for KravelThe Doomed FleetLook To The StarsLook To The StarsSeeking WisdomLook To The StarsFavor for KrazekColonel KurzenThe Tome of ValorRaene's CleansingA Dark Threat LoomsLifting the CurseA Dark Threat LoomsThe Powers Below Therylune's EscapeDream Dust in the SwampDelivery to the GnomesThe RumormongerInduriumGoblin SponsorshipGoblin SponsorshipGoblin Sponsorship The Brassbolts BrothersJourney to Darkshore!The Coast Isn't ClearWildmane CleansingThe Barrens OasesJourney to the CrossroadsSkulk Rock Clean-up {Faction}Poor Old BlanchyJorn SkyseerPridewings of StonetalonStolen SilverGyro... What?Zhevra DependencePlainstrider MenaceRuuzelTome of DivinityThe Ancient StatuetteResearching the CorruptionZinge's DeliveryThe WeaverWild HeartsJourney to Orgrimmar!Tharnariun's HopeThe Hunter's WayThe Absent Minded ProspectorThe Tower of AlthalaxxOn Guard in StonetalonBuzzbox 827For Love EternalDeviate EradicationElixir of SufferingThe Tower of AlthalaxxBashal'AranPlagued LandsA Gnome's RespiteGyromast's RevengeTools of the Highborne Speak with ColemanSome Assembly RequiredVelinde StarsongJourney to Booty Bay! Supplies for Nethergarde Gahz'rillaDeliver to McKinleyMore Wasteander JusticeNoxious Lair InvestigationWater Pouch Bounty {Faction}The Brassbolts BrothersWater Pouch Bounty {Faction}Martek the ExiledWharfmaster DizzywigWar BannersHighperch VenomLook To The StarsApprentice's DutiesAttack on Camp NaracheCall of EarthRites of the EarthmotherCall of EarthA Task UnfinishedPoison WaterWinterhoof CleansingCall of EarthThe Defias BrotherhoodBride of the EmbalmerTranslate Abercrombie's NoteThe Lost SuppliesA Lost MasterTharnariun's HopeThe Absent Minded ProspectorCave MushroomsOnuThe Master's GlaiveRaene's CleansingAfter the AmbushResupplying the ExcavationProtecting the ShipmentPowder to IronbandOrmer's RevengeUncovering the PastExcavation Progress ReportReport to IronforgeJin'Zil's Forest MagicFurther InstructionsRedleaf Tubers The Test of RighteousnessSeeking the Kor GemThe Tome of ValorTome of DivinityReclaimed TreasuresJourney to Grom'gol!Into The Scarlet MonasteryJourney to Orgrimmar!The Test of RighteousnessAt War With The Scarlet CrusadeThe Hidden NicheFields of GriefA New PlaguePridewings of StonetalonRaene's CleansingA Recipe For DeathReclaiming the Charred ValeThe Tower of AlthalaxxA Humble TaskA Humble TaskRites of the EarthmotherRite of StrengthNight Web's HollowFields of GriefA Putrid TaskHow Big a Threat?Bitter RivalsFarren's ProofPearl DivingThe Legend of StalvanThe Legend of StalvanWanted! Marez CowlSyndicate AssassinsBartolo's Yeti Fur CloakNorthfold ManorFarren's ProofMurdalocFarren's ProofDown the CoastCrushridge BountyScroungingHints of a New Plague?The Legend of StalvanThe Legend of StalvanMiragesA Dwarf and His ToolsThe Legend of StalvanA Sign of HopeA Sign of HopeThe Legend of StalvanThe Thandol SpanIn the Name of the LightA Grim TaskThe Thandol SpanThe Thandol SpanSolution to DoomPlea To The AllianceFoul MagicsGann's ReclamationThe Flying Machine Airport Lost DeathstalkersThe Dead FieldsParts of the SwarmThe Defense of Grom'golParts of the SwarmTest of EnduranceThe Crown of WillSteelsnapSigil of StromFoul MagicsCall to ArmsCall to ArmsThe Vile ReefMok'Thardin's EnchantmentCompendium of the FallenGuile of the RaptorBloody Bone NecklacesHunt for YennikuThe Swarm GrowsTrollbaneA Vengeful FateHammerfallElixir of AgonyThunderhorn TotemThe Hunter's WayThe Hunt BeginsThe BattleboarsThe Hunt Continues"Pretty Boy" DuncanUp to SnuffReturn to Corporal KalebAnsirem's KeyThe Princess TrappedTroll Necklace Bounty {Faction}Water Pouch Bounty {Faction}Chapter IChapter IIIGadgetzan Water SurveyNoxious Lair InvestigationBloodscalp EarsTroll WitcheryDeliver to McKinleyThe Bloodsail BuccaneersKeep An Eye OutThe Bloodsail BuccaneersVoodoo DuesThe Green Hills of StranglethornSpecial ForcesWelcome to the JungleWorgen in the WoodsSkulk Rock Clean-up {Faction}The Haunted IsleInvestigate the CampHostile TakeoverZanzil's SecretThe Bloodsail BuccaneersStoley's DebtTroll TemperWhiskey Slim's Lost GrogWastewander JusticeThe Captain's ChestAkiris by the BundleWANTED: Andre FirebeardChapter IVMagical AnalysisChapter IIAkiris by the BundleMore Wasteander JusticeFavor for KrazekReturn to MacKinleyStranglethorn FeverCracking Maury's FootKrazek's CookeryScarab ShellsSupply and DemandScaring ShakyDivino-matic RodThe Second RebellionBad MedicineSinging Blue ShardsThe Defias BrotherhoodIn Defense of the King's LandsThe Trogg ThreatOn Guard in StonetalonCulling the ThreatRed Silk BandanasWolves at Our HeelsThe Defias BrotherhoodCaptain Sander's Hidden TreasureThe Absent Minded ProspectorFilthy PawsFiora LongearsJourney to Stonetalon PeakA Dark Threat LoomsThe Zoram StrandThe Coast Isn't ClearThe People's MilitiaThe People's MilitiaCrocilisk HuntingIn Defense of the King's LandsIn Defense of the King's LandsIn Defense of the King's LandsThe Algaz GauntletA Dark Threat LoomsA Dark Threat LoomsA Dark Threat LoomsA Dark Threat LoomsBashal'AranThe Fall of Ameth'AranHow Big a Threat?Bathran's HairThe Absent Minded ProspectorThe Tower of AlthalaxxRaene's CleansingThe Tower of AlthalaxxInquire at the InnThe Shadowy FigureThe Shadowy Search ContinuesReturn to JittersJitters' Growling GutReturn to SvenEight-Legged MenacesDaily DeliveryBlisters on The LandYoung Crocilisk SkinsTramping PawsFire TabooReclaiming GoodsOrmer's RevengeGathering IdolsThe Cursed CrewThe Third FleetIn Search of The Excavation TeamThe Legend of StalvanThe Night WatchSeasoned Wolf KabobsIn Search of The Excavation TeamClaws from the DeepOrmer's RevengeThe Search ContinuesThe Night WatchSven's RevengeSearch More HovelsReturn the StatuetteProving Your WorthGhoulish EffigyZombie JuiceJuice DeliveryDeliveries to SvenGather Rot BlossomsAn Old History BookCrime and PunishmentOgre ThievesDeliver the ThreadBingles's Missing SuppliesThe Totem of InflictionFour-legged MenacesFinding the Shadowy FigureAwaiting WordApprentice's DutiesThe GreenwardenRetrieval for MaurenAmbushed In The ForestWorgen in the WoodsDigging Through the OozeThe HermitSven's CampFurlbrow's DeedWorgen in the WoodsWorgen in the WoodsThe Ravaged CaravanPreparation for CeremonySharing the LandDangers of the WindfurySwoop HuntingDwarven DiggingRite of VisionThe Ravaged CaravanRites of the EarthmotherThe Venture Co.Supervisor FizsprocketRite of VisionRite of WisdomMazzranacheRite of VisionCry of the CloudscraperEcheyakeeIshamuhaleBetrayal from WithinTribes at WarThe Angry ScytheclawsProwlers of the BarrensWANTED: Baron LongshoreZhevra DependenceThe Forgotten PoolsEnraged StormsnoutsSamophlangeDisrupt the AttacksStolen SilverWharfmaster DizzywigPlainstrider MenaceFungal SporesSuper Reaper 6000Southsea FreebootersWestfall StewRest and RelaxationGoretusk Liver PieThelsamar Blood SausagesThe Killing FieldsPatrolling WestfallThe People's MilitiaWestfall StewPoor Old BlanchyBounty on Garrick PadfootThe Forgotten HeirloomSkirmish at Echo RidgeMountaineer Stormpike's TaskWANTED: Chok'sulReport to Mountaineer RockgarIronband's ExcavationMercenariesRat CatchingHex of Weakness ;In Defense of the King's Lands

Updated Mobs: Too many to list.


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# Jan 09 2005 at 12:05 AM Rating: Excellent
First off, we now track ground spawn in the game. So if you want to know where specific herbs or minerals or chests may be found, you can now look them up and see the spawn points on a map.

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