EverQuest Next: Classes and Combat

We got the info on the latest unveiled classes in EverQuest Next!

According to the EverQuest franchise Director of Development Dave Georgeson, “EverQuest Next is going to launch with 40 different classes that you can find, collect, and use.” Even though you’ll have to select your starting class from a shortened list of around eight, it’s clear that there will be many multi-classing opportunities as you progress through the game.  Last year at SOE Live, the Warrior and Wizard classes were introduced. This year, SOE is giving players a closer look at the Warrior and Wizard as well as introducing 3 new classes: the Elementalist, the Cleric and the Tempest.

Revisiting the Wizard    

Senior Producer Terry Michaels described the design of the Wizard as a “stereotypical glass cannon” who wants to blow people up. Traditionally preferring to stay at range, the Wizard’s strong spells make it a force to be reckoned with. We were able to see the Wizard in action using some of the following abilities:

  • Upheaval – lifts enemies and destroys some terrain
  • Arcane Barrage – damage attack
  • Vortex –  pulls enemies it to wizards location and then teleports the wizard to a distance behind them
  • Stasis –  AE stun and root
  • Chromosphere – most powerful ability

Revisiting the Warrior   

Michaels indicated that the Warrior is a “force of destruction” who is “all about controlling the battlefield, deciding when and where you’re going to fight”.  The Warrior was quick to jump into close combat and used abilities to destroy both enemies and the surrounding terrain. Some of the Warrior’s key abilities that were displayed were:

  • Furious Leap – large jump
  • Whirlwind – AE damage that also destroys the terrain
  • Blade Dash – powerful charge and damage ability
  • Cripple – snare
  • Shield Bash – damage

Introducing the Cleric

Lead Designer Darrin McPherson gave us a closer look at the first support class to be introduced, the Cleric. He stressed that the Cleric is designed to not just sit back and watch the action, but to actively take part in combat as a “Battle Cleric”. Although the Cleric is a support class, it has been designed to hold its own against opponents. Some of the Cleric’s abilities on display were:

  • Blessed Hammer – Dual effects. Offensively damages foes. As support, it rejuvenates armor for allies.
  • Intercession – charge to knockback enemies while rejuvenating armor for nearby enemies
  • Havens Vengeance – places a globe around battle  to help allies within the area
  • Blinding Wrath – stun and damage

Introducing the Elementalist

The next new class on display was the Elementalist. Lead Systems Designer Michael Mann explained the Elementalist as a caster class primarily focusing on ice and fire spells to control the battle field. Some of the Elementalist’s abilities on display were:

  • Ice Shards – 3 ice bolts that do more damage the closer the Elementalist is to the enemy
  • Fire Pillar – placed item that deals AE damage over time, can place multiples
  • Flash Freeze – freezes the terrain beneath enemies
  • Elemental Blast – when enemies are on ice, freezes them (excellent combo with Flash Freeze)

Introducing the Tempest

The third new class to be introduced was the Tempest, which focuses on heroic movement and single target damage. Mann used the term “Druid-Assassin” to describe how the Tempest uses nature based abilities to decimate enemies. Channeling the forces of nature, this class is able to traverse the battlefield quickly and execute strong attacks. Some of the Tempest abilities on display were:

  • Spark Rush – turns the Tempest into lightning to move quickly and dodge or engage enemies
  • Lightning Strike – direct damage
  • Spark Rush – dodges to the side
  • Cyclone – AE that heals armor and does damage to surrounding enemies

Additional Tempest abilities with unknown effects taken from the EQ Next Classes panel were: Clusterstorm, Energize, Conduit, Squall, Typhoon, Downburst, Windrunner, and Ride the Current.

Continue to page 2 for mechanics and multi-classing info!

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