Nexus Talk: Episode 66

Join Richie Procopio this week as he discusses the upcoming raid attunement and rune changes coming to WildStar.

Another week is here which means another episode of Nexus Talk with Richie Procopio. WildStar's raid attunement progression is seeing some adjustments in the near future, so join Richie this week as he shares his thoughts on the upcoming changes to the attunement quest, along with his opinion on the ever-approaching rune changes that are making their way to the game. And as always, stay tuned until the end where he answers your viewer questions for the week.

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We'll see you on Nexus!

Corey "Cyglaive" Jenkins

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Time wasting.
# Aug 18 2014 at 3:55 PM Rating: Good
I agree with this time-wasting part needs to hit the curb. How does standing around or rushing through things teach me how to raid?
I have raided in FFXI and in WoW. FFXI is a god at wasting time, but Wildstar is reminding me of the one thing I hated about FFXI...wasting time to "move" to the next step.
I'm casual player. Currently, thanks to a broken ankle, I can log on a bit more. Once I finally get to return to work, that time is going to be cut to only a few hours a day/week. I will not have this "time" to waste.

Runes I understand when it comes to elemental slots. Makes people have to re-run content, thus making current content last long. Or re-buy, and thus becomes one of the many money sinks.
Extra slot rune, money sink sink (or have to re-run tings for drop). But upgrading lets you do just that, upgrade if nothing better drops for a long period of time.

As for the reroll element roll, I see this being a troll item. I foresee many QQ. If this new item drops from dungeons, why not let runes be rerolled an infinite time. It..... makes people have to re-run content.

If Carbine really wants to remove the "maintenance" with runes. Be the 1st to let people remove them :D

Is weekend runes, just for the "weekend"? If so, lame.

As to the bleach dye, I for one really only want it for Costumes. I would think all game costumes all share the same color pallet? I mean, until someone dyes their's, the Highway Man jacket is Blackish-Grey. Random quest item/drops I see "meh" to, and also to NPC gear. With the help of an add-on, you can go and see what the item looks like before buying. But being able to get back to default on costume gear, that would be a great idea. I might not be too worried to dye them.
Sandinmyeye | |Tsukaremashi*a |
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