Watch_Dogs: Two Hands-On Articles

The PlayStation Blog and Xbox Wire give their thoughts on Ubisoft's upcoming title.

Hype? Check. Dubstep? Check. Giant Mechanical Spider...Check?

We’re one month away from its May 27th release date, so Watch_Dogs coverage is kicking into full gear. Joining the fray are the PlayStation Blog and the Xbox Wire with their semi-official, hands-on thoughts.

The PlayStation Blog post details every aspect of the game – a factual overview with a primer on the game's lore. The blog post also include a three minute video, an entertaining summary of what Watch_Dogs is all about.

"Hacking extends through combat, driving, surveillance, and stealth, which requires an almost fundamental shift in thinking for open-world players." ... "A new layer of options has been laid over the traditional open-world experience, empowering Aiden, and players, with more control of the moment-to-moment play."

Xbox Wire delves more into how the game feels. They discuss how their emotions would swing from guilt, to excitement, to "ooh, what does this do?"

"'Grand Theft Auto' never alerts you that the pedestrian you ran over is a single mom with a sick kid, but...Watch_Dogs won't let you off the hook that easily." ... "As you complete these side missions, you build a narrative of Pearce as a vigilante, an antihero with a lot of demons. We realized after our fourth stop at a bar -- to play a drinking minigame -- that Pearce might have an alcohol problem...that we gave him."

Overall, two solid pieces worth checking out. We're looking forward to the end of May, Ubisoft!

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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