Warlords of Draenor Pre-orders Now Available

Grab the standard or digital deluxe edition and check out Blizzard's latest trailer!

Reported on our sister site, Wowhead, the Warlords of Draenor pre-orders are now open! Head over to the Battle.net store and grab the standard edition for $49.99 or Digital Deluxe with goodies for $69.99. Want a level 90 character boost? That's also available for $60.

Check out the pre-order announcement trailer and more below!


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You nailed it Snailish they probably will make a killing on this boost....I feel the exact same way...I have 0 desire to level anyone to 90 I have i think 6 level 90s. Plus 2 in the mid 80s and some in the mid 70s. I cant wait for the new expac though....like you said the Strongholds seem like a neat thing to mess around with....Im not hard anymore in WoW just to much of the same crap over and over....which is why i went back to EQ again....
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Anyone else notice Lore's voice on the tutorial vids? It's good to see him doing videos for blizzard.

I already pre-ordered the game. Haven't decided what to use my boost on. Maybe a Shaman. I am a little concerned about how long away it's being projected to release. I'm hoping it is closer to the beginning of Fall rather than the end. I'm already starting to feel burned out. Then again I really don't know how much content they are going to put into the 6.0 pre-release patch. Hopefully that will not be so far off.

On a side note I'm glad to have finally found a good website for gaming news.
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# Mar 10 2014 at 4:05 PM Rating: Excellent
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Blizzard is smart.

I'm a lame-slow casual and still managed to get a monk to 87 in a couple of weeks. Gearwise... not so good, but I did max out enchanting. And I'm an intermittent WoW player at best (I check in every few expacs for a bit).

Including the boost with the expac will entice some, especially with the $60 ouch price from the store. Nevertheless I think they will make a killing from this.

I for example, am just not interested in levelling another character right now... but buying the expac and boosting up holds some appeal. Maybe I'll come back.
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