Infinite Crisis Reveals Three New Champions

The game will dive into open beta in mid-March.

Three new champions will soon be added to Infinite Crisis: Aquaman, Green Arrow and Mecha Superman. You'll be able to enjoy these champions on the same day that open beta launches—March 14, 2014! Check out the Champion Profiles below.

Child of an Atlantean Queen and lighthouse keeper, Aquaman defends two worlds while feeling at home in neither. Aquaman is a strong duelist who wields the Atlantean King's Trident to great effect in combat.

To atone for his past failings and behavior, Green Arrow took up hood and bow in the name of justice. A Marksman armed with bow and a quiver of specialized arrows, Green Arrow aims to gain the upper hand in combat.

A fusion of Krypton and Earth technology, Mecha Superman is a massive hero with an even bigger heart. A massive Enforcer, Mecha Superman fights with metal tonnage able to fissure the very ground and even create earthquakes.


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