Making Our Mark: Some Early Landmark Alpha Tips

We asked the community to come up with their best tips and they did not disappoint!

This information is from the alpha build of Landmark and is subject to change.

Yesterday afternoon we put a call out on Twitter for some tips and hints to share with the EverQuest Next Landmark community. We were not disappointed as many players provided their own discoveries as well as some links to other helpful sources. Keep in mind that these are all associated with the Alpha build and could change or become obsolete over time.

Do you have more tips you don't see below? Add a comment or tweet me @Cyliena!


  • Num Pad 7 is auto-run (from @AmandaRainBHM); Num Lock is also auto-run!
  • Holding down shift while running will make you sprint
  • While sprinting, use the space bar for cool jumps (@Brax_Eisenhand)
  • You can use a grappling hook for even faster travel (@JazabelleWraEth)
  • You can run using arrow keys, WASD or both mouse buttons (@AmandaRainBHM)
  • Use the spires (click on the stone in the center) to transport between servers and islands (@KaneHart)


  • Memory leaks/graphics issues can be cleared up by relogging (@Stargrace)
  • You can hide the UI with Ctrl+F10 (Alt + F10 works as well! @pasmith)
  • You can take screenshots with Ctrl+F12. They can be found in C:\Users\UserName\My Pictures\EQNext.
  • Be patient! It's an alpha build, not a release build! (@gavaldeq)
  • Shift + mouse scroll zooms in and out (yes you can zoom into first person mode)


  • If you're having trouble finding Tin on the surface, following Copper veins usually ends with some Tin (same goes for other common/rare metals)
  • Mine the ground around the veins to make sure you grab the outlying scraps of gem/metal
  • Clean up each bit of ore, it only takes a tiny piece to reveal a rare metal like gold or silver (@SamWitts2)
  • Amethyst nodes are currently blue, not purple (@Taysa_Gray)
  • Here's another Cobalt and Amethyst color comparison (@kc_obann)
  • Just because you upgrade to a newer pick, don't destroy the previous ones. Some are faster than others. (@Taysa_Gray)
  • +Discovery is useful for ore and wood, but switch to a different accessory when harvesting stone or gems (@JazabelleWraEth)
  • If the ground looks slightly different in color, try mining there! (@PWSeibert)
  • Dig steps when digging down so you can get back out (@SamWitts2)
  • Using the main menu you can select "return to ground" if you find that you've dug yourself a bit too deep


  • Once you can gather Topaz, craft a light stone! It illuminates your general area and makes resource veins easier to see. (@AmandaRainBMH)
  • Keep upgrading the lower tier picks and axes until you make a Legendary. It makes a big difference! (@SamWitts2)
  • @LegendaryNeuro offers a friendly public forge east of the spire in Scarp on Serenity
  • TenTonHammer published a helpful guide to creating the Tier 1 picks!


  • If you can't lumber a large tree, try standing on part of it! Hit boxes are important. (@JazabelleWraEth)
  • Sometimes digging a little hole at the base of the tree helps with foresting larger trees (@JazabelleWraEth)
  • To increase the speed of harvesting Burled Wood, make a Copper Axe with 99 speed (full tip here by Jeff Butler)
  • (may be bugged) Founder's Pick doesn't work on large trees, only small trees. Stone and Copper axes should work. (@fizzletoes)
  • Burled Wood is very rare and will indeed frustrate you (@radactivelobstr)

Building Tools

  • Instead of placing every voxel individually, use the selection tool to select a large area, then the add tool to fill it in (@AmandaRainBMH)
  • Like in a document, you can CTRL-C to copy and CTRL-V to paste. You can also CTRL-X to cut and CTRL-Z to redo, but if doing an action such as smoothing, your redo backlog gets chewed up quickly.
  • In select mode, Shift + Left Click will select the face opposite your pointer (so if you're at the front, it'd select the back instead)
  • Shift + Tab cycles through move, rotate and resize on props (@AmandaRainBHM)
  • Use Tab to rotate a pasted object directionally (@Xaan)
  • Use the scroll wheel to move your object the selected direction (@Xaan)
  • Use the select tool with the smoothing tool to wear away at smaller areas (learned from @pentapod)

Building Hints

  • For easier building, hold off on making things until you create your Select Tool (@JazabelleWraEth)
  • Empty space can be copied just like voxels. Use it to help in making uniform windows and doors, or to cut out shapes! (@KingKRoecks)
  • If you use Microsoft's click lock, turn it off while building, otherwise you'll find things quite difficult! (@AmandaRainBHM)
  • Don't excavate up to your claim line, you can't heal it and you can't build at the edge (@Xaan)
  • Build out of dirt, then use the select tool on the external layer of voxels to save on rare materials (@JazabelleWraEth)
  • Thin walls cost less resources; use stone and dirt as filler (@DaveGeorgeson)
  • Build your templates out of dirt and repaint them later on (@Ganjookie)

Ready to make your mark in the new Norrath? Head over to the EverQuest Next Landmark official site for more info on the game or to buy a Founder's Pack!

Check out SOE's new video tutorials on page two!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor
Located at Dale Isle on Courage!

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vertical props
# Feb 06 2014 at 8:52 PM Rating: Decent
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OK big tip for placing props on uneven ground (like a hill):

If the ground isn't flat but you want your prop vertical, hit 'p' when you are positioning the prop and it will align the prop vertically!
vertical props
# Feb 07 2014 at 9:50 AM Rating: Excellent
Empress of News
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Tygrion wrote:
OK big tip for placing props on uneven ground (like a hill):

If the ground isn't flat but you want your prop vertical, hit 'p' when you are positioning the prop and it will align the prop vertically!

Great find! :)
Cyliena Velnarin | @Cyliena on Twitter

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