Neverwinter: Hunter Ranger Interactive Trailer

The Hunter Ranger class is now available to all and has a new trailer!

With the launch of Neverwinter's Module 2: Shadowmantle, a new class is now available for free: the Hunter Ranger. An interactive trailer was created for the class, displaying all that is available for it!

On this interactive trailer, while crawling into a dungeon, you'll be able to click on the various powers to see for yourselves how they will act in game!

First, you'll be able to pick between the two at-will powers: Rapid Shot and Aimed Shot. The first one will launch a flurry of arrows at your target while the second will allow you to focus on your enemy a deadly flare of green particles.

Your next fight will allow you to pick from two encounter powers: Boar Charge or Commanding Shot. Boar Charge will make you charge up to the mob and turn into a fierce green boar to destroy your enemy. Commanding Shot will spawn a green stag, which will bellow at the mob.

You'll then pick between the two encounter powers, Marauder's Escape and Rain of Swords. Marauder's Escape will let you move away from the fight to rain arrows on your target from afar. Through Rain of Swords, you'll leap through the air and fall on your enemy sword first!

Finally, you'll get to see the encounter power Hawk Shot and the daily power Forest Meditation against a powerful boss. Hawk Shot, like Aimed Shot, fires a powerful arrow at your enemy in a cloud of green particles. The other skill will allow you to meditate in a sea of grass to regenerate your health and get deflection and control immunity when upgraded.

As you can see, there's a lot of green powers in this brand new ranger class!

To get a headstart on the Hunter Ranger, you can also buy a Hunter Ranger booster pack, which includes a set of weapons, neck slots jewelry, a companion, a title, an Adventurer’s Helper Pack and a Greater Bag of Holding!

Guilhemette "Whilhelmina" Giacopazzi


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