Talk Azeroth Episode 19

Join Olivia D. Grace this week as she gives you the rundown on the upcoming "Garrisons" feature coming with the next WoW expansion.

Talk Azeroth Episode 19 is live! Ever wanted to run your own town? Join Olivia D. Grace this week as she gives you the run down on Garrisons, a new and exciting feature coming along with the next World of Warcraft expansion.

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# Dec 11 2013 at 1:07 PM Rating: Decent
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It occurs to me that basically Blizzard is getting into the Bot game.

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Location of Garrisons: I'm pretty sure they mentioned there will be locations set aside in each region. In terms of how it will appear it seems likely it will be implemented the same way as the farm phasing.

Account wide option. They have said that you will be able to send off your guys and your guildies' guys to work together as you also mentioned in your video. If you don't need permission or them to be on line then perhaps if you have alts in the same guild you can combine that way. Although this might not be as good as it sounds if you've sent your guildies' best followers on a failed mission and they're all now held prisoner. lol.

Also, in relation to the Garrisons being per character rather than Account Wide some buildings were mentioned like "Mage Tower" and I'm sure your Pally mightn't want one of those in their garrison so the per character personalisation might actually work out best.

Raiding requirement of Garrisons: It was mentioned that an upgraded level 3 version of a building would provide a personal character buff. Not sure of the size of the buff but for top end guilds maybe any slight extra may be the difference between a boss kill and a wipe so may become manditory to have certain building types maxed out for hardcore raiders.

In general I am not sure of the whole impact of garrisons on the economy and crafting in WoD but they have mentioned that there will be NO FLYING until 6.1 hits and that could realistically be 3 months after launch. I have in the past had a Druid gatherer who would source a lot of mats for my other toons that are crafters. In the new expansion they are talking about Draenor being a dangerous place and with no flying for a few months that means gathering out in the world could be a perilous and very time consuming undetaking. Might be very welcome to put your feet up and let the minions do some gathering albeit at a fairly slow rate so at least you have some mats to use and didn't run up a big personal repair bill getting them.
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Are you sure that you can place Garrisons anywhere? Last I heard you could place them in any zone in Draenor, however there were specific areas within each zone set aside and only a few plots to choose from. If this has changed since Blizzcon, please let me know.

Also something I am curious about but I realize you probably don't have the answer to is I assume the only one that can see my garrison is me or people I have invited otherwise the screen would quickly become a crazy clusterfok. Even then though, am I going to see bunches of people running towards where my(and their) garrison is and suddenly disappear as they phase out? Cuz that is just going to be weird.

Concerning changing your garrisons, I would assume you would be able to destroy and rebuild buildings, but obviously that would incur a resource and time cost. I'm not sure if this is the case, but it seems a logical way to do it.

Account wide vs. Character specific will depend on how much you can customize them. I don't really mean specialize them or building placement between a limited set of options. You often see Garrisons compared to housing(which I don't understand because they seem nothing like housing so far), and if they allow the bare minimum level of customization found in just about any game with housing such as placing furniture, objects, changing wallpaper etc... then I would probably want it to be character specific. If they are coupling Garrisons with the story and are not really optional, I do hope they use the highest level Garrison on the account to clear any quest/story requirements, as while I would like the option to have different Garrisons on different characters I don't necessarily want to level it on every character.

Concerning rewards, I would hope none of the rewards are very substantial. Especially gear rewards, I think they should be something nice for people not pushing progression, but worse or equal to LFR gear. I have mixed feelings about offline profession progression, currently professions are repetitive boring and don't relay any real sense of accomplishment. So as things currently stand it would be an improvement. If they ever got around to making professions interesting, then I'm not sure I would like it. I don't really get a sense of accomplishment from performing simple repetitive tasks over and over again. Would dailies feel like more of an accomplishment if you had to do 20x as many to get that story tidbit or reward? Not to me they wouldn't.

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