Elder Scrolls Online "Ask Us Anything" Variety #10

Zenimax Online returns with more snippets of info. Brighten your day with TESO Q&A!

Zenimax Online is here once again to trickle out more details about Elder Scrolls Online. In this Variety Pack, the tenth of its kind, the developers answer ten questions on roughly two topics: character creation and armor. Not much interested in reading the whole Q&A? Cue up our summary:

  • Each race has its own subset of unique hairstyles, adornments, and body markings.
  • There are currently 24 hairstyle choices per gender in the character creation system.
  • Both male and female models/characters are adjustable. 
  • You won’t (yet?) be able to change your character’s physical traits once created.
  • Any race can wear any armor, even the specific racial-style armors.
  • The more of a specific armor type you wear, the faster that line will advance.
  • Shields are better for blocking than weapons because they have larger amounts of armor. 
  • Banks will be shared among all characters on your account.
  • To join a guild, visit their representatives in cities and ask to join.
  • When you die in PvP, there are several respawn options:
    • An ally can resurrect you if they have a filled soul gem.
    • You can respawn at a keep your alliance owns (as long as it isn’t under attack).
    • You can respawn at your alliance’s entry location to Cyrodiil.
    • If your alliance has a deployed “forward camp”, you can choose to spawn there.

Not especially groundbreaking information this time, but any information is much better than none. As per usual, check back for more scraps in two weeks!

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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