DC Universe Online Producer's Letter

DCUO's Executive Producer talks about improved graphics, level progression and other features from Game Update 31

We have less than a month until Sony Online Entertainment brings their superhero MMO, DC Universe Online, to the living room with the release of the Playstation 4. For those potential new players looking to try out the game as well as current PC and PS3 players hoping for new additions to their existing game, Executive Producer Larry Liberty posted an letter outlining what changes to expect with the release of Game Update 31 and the new platform for the MMO.

The first change PC players can expect with GU31 is the most obvious. As a result of upgrading the artwork and graphics to take advantage of the PS4's capabilities, PC players will get significantly improved visuals with this update. Larry specifically notes that the most obvious place to see these improvements will be viewing Earth from the Watchtower (sorry villain players). In addition, areas of Metropolis and Gotham have been rebuilt visually to better match the story being told and hundreds of details in the environmental geometry have been corrected an improved for both PC and PS3/PS4 players.

The other area of improvement Larry focused on is the leveling game. While porting the game over to the Playstation 4, SOE also worked on various design improvements for players leveling from 1 to 30. New content will present itself naturally as you level with less chance of getting lost or stuck. Additional improvements include:

  • Henchmen, Back-Up, Sidekicks, and Accomplices from Home Turf are now available right after Lairs have been unlocked with adjusted costs to match
  • Leveling content will provide Marks of Triumph
  • Side missions are now repeatable
  • Open world bounties are now level 30

If you're a PC player, Game Update 31 for DCUO will be on the PC Test server this week for those looking to check out these changes now. Otherwise the update is planned to go live for PC and PS3 players in early November with the PS4 version of the game coming out within the console's launch window (from the November 15th launch date through December 31st).

Any ZAM readers out there planning on trying out DCUO when it hits the PS4? I'm tempted to try playing the game again on the PS4 and see how it compared to the PC version. Well, that and Watch_Dogs got delayed till next year so it's either this or Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

Michael "Ragar" Branham


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