Infinite Crisis Introduces Atomic Green Lantern

Turbine reveals their newest champion in a Champion Profile.

"Life shortened by his radioactive ring, Atomic Green Lantern
fights every battle as though it were his last."

Turbine has revealed the newest champion to the Infinite Crisis universe: Atomic Green Lantern. Atomic Green Lantern (AGL) is categorized as a "melee bruiser with a long reach", and described as a champion who "slows enemies and disrupts team fights". This will make the third variation revealed of Green Lantern in Infinite Crisis, behind the Original and Arcane types. Here are the five skills available to the Atomic version revealed earlier today:

Radiation Sickness (Passive) - Bonus power damage to his next basic attack; generates "Rads" on an enemy whenever he uses a damaging skill; enemies with 4x Rads are slowed and receive damage over time.

Grab - AGL launches his construct hand which reels in enemies. Once pulled in, enemies are dealt power damage and stunned.

Scortched Earth (sic) - AGL smashes the ground and deals power damage in an area. After a short delay, a second explosion deals more power damage.

Shards of Will - A health shield reinforced by nearby enemies which have Rads.

Meltdown - Fires a toxic shard which slows the target and deals multiple blasts of AOE power damage. The toxic shard changes targets if the enemy dies or has received 4 Rads. 

To see these skills in action, let's check out AGL's Champion Profile:


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