Dark Matter Arkfalls in Defiance

Trion Worlds posts a feature spotlight detailing these dynamic events.

Looking for a little action in Defiance? Good to hear, because Trion Worlds has four events to keep you on your heels. In a new feature spotlight, they give us some details on its most recent events:

Minor Events
Extractor and Mayhem: Increasingly-difficult waves of Dark Matter.
Obliteration: Race to destroy an arkfall core.

Major Event
Extraction Force: Multi-phase battle against Minor arkfalls, Dark Matter, and The Monolith.

Your rewards for taking these events on? Scrip, XP, Keycodes, two EGO-boosting nodes at each event, plus Lockboxes for completing the Extraction Force event. To learn more, check out the slightly-overdramatic trailer below.

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor

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