WildStar Mystery and Mayhem Part 3

With friends like these, you'll be glad to have enemies.

The much anticipated conclusion to Wildstar's Issue #1 of Tales From Beyond The Fringe is upon us with the release of Mystery And Mayhem Part 3.

In this final section of Issue #1 it would seem that both Victor Lazarin and Mondo Zax have acknowledged each others company while they tell their tales. And as a final farewell, each offers the other a "gift" of appreciation. However, as a word of advice, "gifts" from mad-scientists usually never end well. Whether you're fighting for the Exiles or The Dominion; with friends like these, you'll be glad you have enemies.

The full comic can be viewed here and for more WildStar information be sure to visit the official website.

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Corey "Crimzen" Jenkins

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