Gamescom: EverQuest Next Landmark

Before and after videos highlight the power in players' hands in Landmark


SOE Live was an interesting time for journalists as well as fans—we're usually both. Not only were we left gobsmacked and bewildered by the reveal of EQ Next and EQ Next Landmark—something that doesn't happen often—SOE promised that we would be getting new information regularly.

Another circumstance we don't get with MMOs early in development.

To back up that promise, David Georgeson, the caretaker of the EverQuest franchise, spoke at Gamescom today about EQNL and brought some videos to marvel at.

These time-lapse videos show just how much can be done by one or two players with the toolset in EverQuest Next Landmark. Desolation can be turned into imagination at a rapid pace by utilizing the voxel tools available to all players. What's very cool is that the facility to make your own time-lapse records of your endeavors will be built into the game.

Apparently, all characters will be a part of the Adventurer class in EQNL which will work in the same way as the tiered classes in EverQuest Next; in fact, you will be able to transfer your character's name, stats and class when EQ Next goes live, making Adventurer the first playable EQ Next class once EQ Next Landmark launches this winter.

Landmark will allow you to be in guilds, build together, claim your turf and build to your heart's content. You will also be able to get involved in some sales by setting up stores to sell your wares, something Georgeson stressed was part of the vision of social interaction for the game—which makes my mind wander back to days in East Commonlands tunnel.

Ah crap, I got all EQ misty again.

In summation: we want this now.

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