Talk Azeroth 9: Support and the Store

Olivia Grace takes you shopping in the new in-game store and ponders a support class

This week, Olivia returns with more information on the in-game store, which has finally gone live—with a bit of jiggery-pokery—on the PTR. She shows you around the interface and gives more information on the Enduring Elixir of Wisdom ( What's the multiplier, how long does it last, how much does it cost? Is any of this making you feel better about the in-game store?

Olivia moves on to the rumored new support class coming in WoW. How would it work? Would it be more like a pre-BC paladin, or a shaman with their totems, or more like a support class in a MOBA? What's more, how would it fit into the existing "trinity" of tank/healer/DPS, and does WoW really need another role?

Lastly, Olivia looks over your comments on last week's show and answers viewer questions! If you want to have your question answered, the best way to get in touch with Olivia is via email to, via twitter @oliviadgrace, or by leaving a comment below!

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