WildStar Wednesday: Mondo Zax & Victor Lazarin

Carbine gives us some backstory on two key characters in the WildStar universe. Tales of tragedy and conspiracy are in store.

Following last week's WildStar race reveal, Carbine decided to dedicate this week's WildStar Wednesday to introducing two key characters in the WildStar universe; Mondo Zax of the Chua and Victor Lazarin of the Mordesh.

Coincidence Or Conspiracy?

Not everyone is born to greatness. Some have to claw their way up using every physical or intellectual advantage they can cook up. Mondo Zax is no different in this regard and his tale is that of the underdog--with a giant laser.

Mondo's family never clung to greatness or wealth. His father and twelve other siblings were all fighting for survival and their place in the world; day in and day out. With Mondo being the runt of the family he too was forced to battle his older siblings for vital resources just to survive; on top of being constantly bullied by them both physically and mentally. However, as time passed, Mondo's other siblings started to disappear under mysterious and unexplained circumstances until his own father--the last of the Zax family other than Mondo himself-- fell victim after being vaporized by a routine bot calibration. It's pretty convenient that the Zax family member with the biggest disadvantage finally finds himself without a family to compete with.

Alas, Mondo was sent to an orphanage, finding himself once again surrounded by a competitive environment. After Zapping his fellow orphan and nemesis Finkle Blurg to dust, Mondo's intellect and ruthlessness caught the attention of the Dominion. Within weeks following his recruitment, Mondo became the Chief Technologist for DRED (the Dominion Research and Experimentation Division).

DRED is currently responsible for developing the Dominion's most deadly and advanced weaponry with Mondo Zax directing it all from his orbital research facility known as Zlab, in order to carry out continued carnage and devastation.

He Seeks Redemption For His Race--And Himself.

He feeds his wife's killer with a bottle. Victor Lazarin's tale is one of tragedy and much like other Mordesh, a fall from greatness.

Before tragedy befell the Mordesh, they were once an artistic, beautiful and highly intellectual race. Being looked at as one of the brightest Mordesh of his time, Victor Lazarin graduated with honors from the Grismaran Academy of Alchemical Sciences and lived his glory years with his newly-wed wife, Mina. This should have been a time of joy for him, however his life soon came plummeting down around him when Mina died giving birth to their newborn daughter Lucy.

Following the years of his wife's death, Victor became obsessed with solving the secrets of immortality; most likely due to him being powerless to save the one person whom he loved the most. After years of research, Victor finally created the answer he sought: The Everlife Elixir. Initially after testing the elixir on himself, results seemed positive. His body actually began revitalizing itself; hair thickened, teeth grew back and wrinkles vanished. In a few months time, nearly all the Mordesh on planet Grismara had taken the Elixir.

However, what seemed like a miracle quickly turned in to a curse. Within months the Everlife Elixer had shown results of being highly unstable. From it a contagion was released through the bodies of any who had previously consumed it--nearly the entire planet. Body tissue decayed rapidly and higher brain functionality was destroyed. The citizens of Grismara had all become flesh-eating carnivorous shells of their past selves.

Despite this, Victor--not wanting to doom his entire race--managed to create a serum that would suppress the Everlife Elixir's degenerative side effects. This "Vitalus Serem" was spread among what was left of his people, who were ultimately rescued and smuggled off world by the Exiles. Currently Victor Lazarin works tirelessly with the Exiles in hopes of gaining trust for his people and himself.

If these two stories are any indication of what plots await us in the WildStar universe then I'm sure you're just as excited to discover them as I am. For more WildStar information be sure to visit the official website and keep your browsers locked to ZAM for more WildStar news updates.

See you on Nexus!


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