SMITE: Chronos, Keeper of Time

The latest member of the pantheon is decidedly wibbly wobbly


We're having a decidedly MOBA morning here at ZAM and, to continue the theme, Hi-Rez Studios has unveiled the latest addition to SMITE's pantheon, Chronos.

The keeper of the Clock of Eternity, Chronos keeps things ticking along, moving the universe inexorably forward. He fears nothing. Being the embodiment of time itself, Chronos is sure that he will outlast all.

As the lore section explains, to join the fray with the rest of the gods in SMITE something truly cataclysmic must be possible. If Chronos, the rather aloof and detached observer of existence, feels compelled to take action, it's not because there's a good buffet on offer.

Let us know if you fancy playing with the fabric of time on the field of battle--after watching the video, of course.

Scott "Jarimor" Hawkes, Editor in Chief

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