Talk Azeroth 4: Tie-Break

Olivia gives a lesson on English English and the new Arena Tie-Break system


This week Olivia Grace takes a look at the proposed changes to World of Warcraft's arena tie-break system. She starts off with a look at where we're at right now, explaining what's currently on offer, before running viewers through the new tie-break system.

Olivia then dives head-first into the potential issues with functionality old and new, while also examining why Blizzard decided to shift away from the old system in the first place.

The new system, she asserts, provides a fairer look at arena matches, likening them to boxing. The pugilistic simile continues as Olivia discusses how the current approach is like demanding a TKO to win any boxing match, while technical victories are completely absent.

However, there is a downside in the way the system changes the psychology of the arena, as players can look to play the system rather than play the game.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: It really is only Olivia who says "ALT" like that. The rest of us English types are just as confused as our US viewers.


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New buff will encourage turtling
# Jun 27 2013 at 6:47 AM Rating: Decent
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I suspect new tie breaker will actually encourage turtling. If I have a team of three stealth burst classes (example three rouges), we could stealth for just under 15 minutes. Then right before the buff, my team would burst down one member of the other team. We are then rewarded the buff and finish off the other team.
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