Rheingold Report: LCS Day 1

RheingoldRiver brings match reports and interviews form this week's big LoL matches


With excellent overviews of each match and interviews with the expert summoners involved, RheingoldRiver brings fantastic insight into the events that enthralled millions as part of the League of Legends Championship Series. Today looks at the events on Wednesday in the latest round of the LCS.

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GAME 1: Team Coast vs Team Solo Mid

ZionSpartan: Vladimir

NintendudeX: Nunu

Shiphtur: Zed

DontMashMe: Twitch

Daydreamin: Nami


Dyrus: Shen

TheOddOne: Elise

Reginald: Kha'zix

WildTurtle: Draven

Xpecial: Thresh

Standard lane swaps led to Coast's top and TSM's bot tower both falling by 5 minutes, but TSM got the better of the lane swap with the first dragon at 6 minutes.  They were also able to take down Coast's bot outer turret at 11 minutes and the second dragon, creating an almost 3k gold lead at 13 minutes before the first blood.  That went to Team Coast thanks to a great bubble from Daydreamin, but a few minutes later a missed bubble led to a 3-0 and a third dragon for TSM.  TSM expanded its gold lead even further and retained excellent objective control, picking up the baron at 25 minutes after winning a 4-0 teamfight and soon after securing the first inhibitor in midlane.  TSM continued pressuring in botlane and secured its second inhibitor at 27 minutes; after that point it was just a matter of cleaning up, and soon TSM closed out the game, winning the first game of the LCS summer split.


GAME 2: Curse vs Vulcun Techbargains

Voyboy: Jayce

Saintvicious: Trundle

Nyjacky: Lux

Cop: Ezreal

Edward: Zyra


Sycho Sid: Kennen

Xmithie: Sejuani

mancloud: Ryze

Zuna: Caitlyn

Bloodwater: Sona


After Curse started the game by stealing Xmithie's red, Vulcun answered beautifully with a smite-steal onto Saintvicious's blue buff.  Sycho Sid also secured the first blood onto Voyboy, and though Curse took the first Dragon, it was answered by a turret in midlane.  Vulcun continued putting fantastic pressure onto Curse, and they had secured all three inner turrets away from the blue team before losing a single one of their own inner turrets.  After a failed baron attempt at 23 minutes by Vulcun, Curse started to regain some ground, and the game stagnated for a while, until Vulcun won a massive teamfight in midlane and there pushed the inhibitor turret and inhibitor of Curse.  The 34-minute Baron attempt by Vulcun was successful, and they took down the top inhibitor turret and inhibitor itself as well.  A few minutes later, Vulcun traded away Xmithie's life for the final inhibitor turret and inhibitor, and the Curse nexus exploded at 36 minutes.

GAME 3: Dignitas vs Cloud 9

KiWiKiD: Jayce

Crumbz: Zac

scarra: Orianna

imaqtpie: Caitlyn

Patoy: Blitzcrank


Balls: Elise

Meteos: Nasus

Hai: Zed

SneakyCastro: Draven

LemonNation: Thresh


Despite fantastic level-1 play from Dignitas stealing away both of Cloud 9's buffs, Cloud 9 had Meteos come to toplane early and help secure his team a turret before the 4-minute mark.  A hook from Patoy led to first blood for Dignitas in midlane, but Cloud 9 answered with kills in the side lanes, and took the first dragon just after 12 minutes, bringing it to a 2k gold lead.  Cloud 9 retained strong objective control, taking the next two dragons on spawn and, at 26 minutes, after forcing Dignitas low, it pulled Baron.  The attempt was rocky but ultimately successful, and by 28 minutes Cloud 9 was knocking on Dignitas's door.  A delayed ace-for-two led to the mid inhibitor turret and inhibitor falling for the red team, and instead of backing off they kept up their push and closed out the game at 30 minutes.

GAME 4: Counter Logic Gaming vs Velocity eSports

Nientonsoh: Vladimir

bigfatlp: Sejuani

Link: Orianna

Doublelift: Twitch

Chauster: Thresh


Cris: Kennen

Nk Inc: Lee Sin

Vileroze: Kayle

maplestreet: Draven

Evaniskus: Zyra

Velocity got a strong start to the game with a steal of CLG's red buff, and it continued strong with a 1v1 first blood onto Nientonsoh by Cris.  After putting its duo lane mid, Velocity got the first turret of the game there before 7 minutes.  The red team picked up a few more kills, four towers and the first dragon of the game, with about a 7k gold lead at 20 minutes, and they didn't stop.  A small hiccup at about 24 minutes made it look like CLG could come back, but then at 30 minutes a 3-for-1 fight in Velocity's favor gave it a baron, and brought its gold lead to 10k.  Velocity continued on to push the top inhibitor at 34 minutes and then the bot inhib fell a minute and a half later.  Velocity tore through CLG in its base and pushed the nexus down by 36 minutes.


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