Runescape 3: Music to the Ears

Improved music and voice acting coming up in Runescape 3.

One of the things that most players probably remember from Runescape is the range of catchy midi songs that the game featured. Now, in Runescape 3, players can look forward to hearing all of their favourite tunes and more reimagined and remastered. Mod Lord explains that the audio team are using new technology to vastly improve the quality of their music.  They're also adding dedicated servers to deliver CD-quality music.

It's not just the music that's getting an overhaul though. Recent players may remember the superb "One Piercing Note" and "Song from the Depths" quests that featured fully voice-acted dialogue. Jagex are working hard to add more voice acting to the game, as well improve the quality of ambient effects. 

With the game getting a huge overhaul from top to bottom, Runescape 3 might just be the time for you to play!

 Mark "Quicksilverisma" Trump


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