WildStar Thursday: Crimson Isle

Carbine shows off one of the early Dominion zones in this week's WS update

Carbine's got some good news today for future Cassians/Mechari/Draken. Despite Exile forces conspiring to keep this info away from you (that or Carbine's ISP was just down for the day, but what are the chances of that?), for this week's WildStar Wednesday Thursday, we've got a preview of another early Dominion zone, Crimson Isle.

Despite the island's close proximity to Deradune, the Dominion had previously left the island alone due to its remote location, rocky terrain and the various unfriendly critters that inhabit the isle. Recent long-range scans however show some unusual readings like prevalent unnatural mutations and signal interference, so the Dominion will be deploying covert strike teams (that means you) to investigate.

Members of these strike teams should prepare themselves for resistance from the native creatures on the island; from the burrowing Scrab to humanoids believed to be mutated versions of the original island natives. Early reports also suggest that the signal interference may be Exile in nature.

For more information about the Crimson Isle and what awaits you as a member of the Dominion, head over to the WildStar site and read the rest of the entry... unless you're an Exile. Pretty sure the Dominion would prefer you guys not read this stuff, given that it's confidential and all.

Michael "Ragar" Branham


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