Circuit Board Crafting

Carbine Takes the Wraps off of the Gear Mod System

What is this sorcery? How can there be new WildStar information on a Friday? Clearly, Wednesday is the day we're supposed to get news of this caliber! We best not question it, and instead pay homage to the god of purple pixels for the gift we are about to receive.

Carbine has been busy revealing much new information about WildStar this year, but there were still a few gaps players clamored to have filled. One of those is the item modification system, and today we got our first glimpse into what appears to be a very deep system in the game.

Economy Systems Designer Primus (known to his family as Gortok) gave future Nexians a treat with a look at what Carbine calls Circuit Board Crafting. This is not only a fundamental part of the crafting system, but also home-base for all players to modify their gear:

CBC consists of single Schematics per item that can be filled out with various Microchips that give stats and special abilities. Depending on the item’s level, it will have a base amount of Power that it can distribute between different stats and special abilities.

Primus gives a detailed overview of how each circuit board works, and the types of Microchips that can be found in the world (and other gear) and used: Power Amplifier, Attribute Relay Chips and Special Circuits (Ability Chips, Set Chips and Item Challenge Chips.) On Attribute Relay Chips:

Attribute Relay Chips (ARC) – These are casually referred to as Stat Chips. They convert 10 points of Power into 1 point of an attribute. They will convert all of the Power if they are in a terminating socket (the last socket in a branch), or some adjustable percent of the Power if they are not.

From the sound of it, the system has a good amount of complexity and depth to it, something arguably missing from similar systems in recent games. 

And just to get the community all in a tizzy, Primus left us with a little bit of a teaser:

We were going to wait to introduce this when we talk about crafting, but we actually have a really good reason to get this information out now: We are going to be creating a few new Item Slots, and we wanted you guys, the community, to give input on what those slots will be. 

It seems soon it will be time for fans to put on their designer's hat and think of some awesome new item types!

Head over to the official WildStar site for the full read!

Bill "Lethality" Leonard


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