Infinite Crisis Announced

DC heroes and villains duke it out in the streets in this new MOBA title

Infinite Crisis was announced this week by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment, as a free-to-play MOBA, developed by Turbine. The game will feature an expansive roster of DC Comics characters from all across the DC Multiverse.

Turbine's latest will join the likes of League of Legends, DOTA2, and Smite in delivering intense player vs. player experiences and tapping into the near infinite replayability (mind the pun) of the highly popular MOBA genre. And just to keep things fresh, they're also throwing in map-altering catastrophic events and interactive destructible terrain. BAM! Take a car to the face noob.

Not only will Infinite Crisis allow gamers to dive into the action as classic characters from the well known Prime universe such as Superman, Wonderwoman, and the Flash, but also included are alternate versions of classic characters from other DC universes such a Nightmare Batman and Gaslight Batman.

But tapping into the DC Multiverse isn't just a cheap trick to sell more skins or costumes. Each of these alternate characters features its own unique play style and role on the battlefield. Finding the Joker to be a little too fragile for your tastes, never fear, just pick up Gaslight Joker and go from glass cannon to bruiser, all while playing your favorite homicidal maniac.

With such a robust collection of lore and canon to draw from, Infinite Crisis is sure to offer an impressive array of champions and skins as the game develops, going as far as to promise new heroes and villains every month! There even seems to be the promise of an evolving storyline, something that is fairly rare and sorely missing from the genre.

The current lineup of core Infinite Crisis universes includes Prime, Arcane, Atomic, Gaslight, Nightmare, and Mecha universes. It's unknown at this point if they will expand this list to include more of the 52 worlds of the DC Multiverse, but either way comic book fans and gamers alike should keep an eye on this one.

As always, ZAM will do its best to keep you informed as more information develops.

Robert "Caergan" Gray 


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