RuneScape 3 Coming Summer 2013

Runescape to receive massive update evolving into RuneScape 3 Summer 2013

I was quite late getting into this whole MMORPG thing. RuneScape was one of the first games I got really, really addicted to and certainly the first MMORPG I loved. Despite not playing it for many years now I keep a loving eye on it, fondly remembering the good times. With the increasing capabilities of browser technology Jagex has constantly been reitterating the graphics engine of RuneScape to a point where you'd be hard-pressed to tell somebody it was the same game 10 years ago. It is now that Jagex has announced the next evolution with Runescape 3 set for Summer 2013. 

The last time RuneScape went up a generation was when RuneScape Classic became RuneScape 2 (thereafter known simply as RuneScape), a step up from being a graphical MUD to a 3D broswer MMORPG. That was a massive change, so RuneScape 2 should be just as big a change. Well, here's what the developers had to say: 

"A massive upgrade to the game you know and love, RuneScape 3 brings new technology, improved visuals and audio, epic content and player-driven gameplay." 

The biggest change here is the move from using Java to HTML5 and WebGL, technologies that have been used to bring current generation games into the browser, allowing RuneScape to continue growing. Jagex will release further details in the weeks ahead. 

RuneScape boasts 200 million reigstered players and is fully playable inside your browser within minutes, play it for free on


Chris Rainey, Columnist.


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