PST #114

Q+A with Lore once more

Lore returns in the latest episode of PST, where you ask questions and he answers them to the best of his extensive ability. 

This week:

0:18 - Should the next class added to WoW use intellect plate?

6:51 - How do you feel about realm first achievements? Should there be more rewards?

13:14 - What can I do to minimize loot drama in my 10-man heroic raid?

19:00 - Why don't classes have special niches anymore?

25:53 - What do I need to get started with live streaming raids?

32:11 - How should I approach spending my Valor points in the weeks leading to 5.2?

36:02 - Should all ranged classes be able to cast while moving?

42:30 - Should there be a solo rated queue for WoW PvP?

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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