More PST With Mr. Lore - #113

Tech, teach, and resumes today!

Lore returns! Today's episode;

  • 0:16 - Is WoW something I should put on my resume?
  • 4:47 - Is the lack of a need to run heroics affecting the skill of the average pug?
  • 10:59 - What does Blizzard mean when they say "the tech just isn't there?"
  • 15:03 - How can I teach someone to play MMOs who has no prior experience?
  • 21:52 - What would happen if there was no PTR testing of encounters?
  • 30:05 - Are there too many currencies in MoP?
  • 34:06 - Doesn't the 5.2 LFR buff have basically the same problems as the ICC buff?
  • 38:21 - Are fights nowadays as epic as they were during classic?

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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