Don't Miss The Ultimate Showdown!

The Ultimate Showdown is fast approaching, who will you fight for?

Sony Online Entertainment aren't stopping to take pictures and mere months after launch are holding a massive PlanetSide 2 event. The Ultimate Empire Showdown is set to kick-off today at 4PM PST over on TwitchTV featuring fearless leaders and gaming superstars Total Biscuit, Seananners and Level Cap

The YouTube sensations will each be taking the helm of their favoured Empire. Total Biscuit the iron fist of the Terran Republic, Seananners the New Conglomerate freedom fighter and Level Cap of the technologically superior Vanu Sovereignty. If that isn't reason enough to tune in there will also be big announcements about the future of PlanetSide 2, John Smedley (SOE President) has been touting on Twitter

Even if you aren't able to make it to the live event you can still get involved--In fact, your empire needs you!

Log in and show your might through these three challenging scenarios, and show your enemies who they are contending with. Help your empire dominate to claim total victory!

* Flight of the Galaxies – The Empire that owns this facility on the most servers at the end of this 30-minute challenge will secure the victory.

* None Shall Pass –If this facility is in your Empire's hands on the most servers at the end of this 30-minute challenge, triumph will be yours.

* Territory Tyrant – Control the most territory on this continent on the most servers at the end of this 30-minute challenge to win this battle for your Empire.

You can fight alongside your favourite YouTube stars on the Connery server and complete these challenges on  Amerish. In the case that the server is full--which seems likely--all servers will contribute to the overall scorecard so hop on and play. 

This will be the fight of a lifetime and everybody is going to be there, don't miss it!

Chris Rainey, Columnist


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