Wildman Unleashed On Kickstarter

New "Evolutionary" Action RPG from Gas Powered hits Kickstarter

Another big project has hit the land of opportunity Kickstarter, this time its Gas Powered Games turn with “An Evolutionary Action RPG” titled Wildman. It combines the Action RPG elements of Dungeon Siege with the Strategy from their other titles Supreme Commander and Demigod. To date they have raised over $315,000 of their $1,100,000 goal with 22 days to go.

What is Wildman then, from the developers themselves:

“Wildman delivers an action-role-playing experience that only a developer like Gas Powered Games can deliver. Think of it as a spiritual successor to our classic PC game Dungeon Siege, with a twist. “

Read on for video and more.


The question I asked upon landing on the Kickstarter page was “Why is it evolutionary?", asides from the whole evolution game concept it becomes increasingly apparent as you read just how engaging this game could be. Its got everything you would expect from an Action RPG, adventures, lots of baddies and visceral combat, crafting, destruction--you name it, its got it. Then there is another element to it:

“You support your troops with your own combat abilities and skills. You shape-shift into new forms that grant you new abilities. You upgrade your armies with new technology. You construct defenses. Your opponent switches tactics; you reconfigure your army to counter.

You push the enemy back to their citadel, their home base. You face your opponent’s champion. You each rally your troops for support. You execute your special abilities with precision. Your opponent is devastated.”

Now for the charismatic pitch from Chris Taylor, Founder and Creative Director of Gas Powered Games:  

It's too early to say if we're going to see an evolution of the genre or simply a gimmick, but it certainly looks promising. 

Half the battle with Kickstarter is setting the right pledge rewards, fortunately Wildman seems to have got them right on the money. For $20 you get the Digital Edition of the game on launch--and for $45 you get the Collectors Edition for yourself and a Digital Edition for a friend, Beta access, soundtrack and more, but it's a limited edition and running out fast so you best hurry!

There are a few video updates already up on the Kickstarter page, head on over for those and more.


Chris Rainey, Columnist

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crazyxedy wrote:
dont see what looks so special about this... did I miss something

You have to remember its a kickstarter campaign to get funds to actually make the game, so at the moment they only really have a prototype with very limited gameplay. That being said, the problem I have with most Action RPG's is that they're all the same and Wildman looks to add to the formula which is always a welcome change. An Action RPG with more strategy and thought is definitely something I'd be interested in, currently most are just mindless bash-em-ups.
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dont see what looks so special about this... did I miss something
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