Tankspot - PST #110

Mr. Lore returns.

More Lore for you today! 

This week:

  • 1:40 - How memorable will Tier 14 be?
  • 7:02 - Would adding a penalty to reforging make the system more interesting?
  • 11:50 - How much do I need to spend to get a PC that runs WoW well?
  • 16:41 - Will Blizzard try to push people to stop playing WoW when Titan releases?
  • 20:49 - How do you feel about talents that directly affect your rotation?
  • 27:08 - Now that we have LFD and LFR, should attunements be brought back?
  • 33:57 - Is it a good idea to force PvE players into PvP for the 5.2 legendary?
  • 40:29 - Is it better to buy valor pieces if you're only running LFR?

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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