TERA: Rising

En Masse announces their action-based MMORPG will have a free-to-play option in February

At the end of December, we learned that En Masse intended to take their action-based MMORPG free-to-play in Korea an Japan. This of course raised speculation on the future of the model in other TERA-tories. Today we learned TERA: Rising will be launching free-to-play this February.

Since TERA was originally designed as a subscription game, En Masse is taking a similar approach as other free-to-play converts such as Star Wars: The Old Republic. There will still be a subscription available at the "Elite" level, but there are also two other levels which are free-to-play: Standard and Founder.

Similar to SW:TOR, free-to-play limitations include limited access to some content such as the number of daily bonus quests players can do. However, the Elite status subscription includes additional bonuses as well. Also, following the trend of offering more, as a Founder you can now have up to 288 bank slots with eight character slots per server. These are all included with the Founder status, but must be purchased for other accounts.

En Masse has provided a lengthy FAQ, so go give it a look. TERA is a solid game, and if you hadn't had the opportunity to check it out before, you will soon have no excuse.

Bill "Lethality" Leonard


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