Community Warfare

MechWarrior Online introduces 8v8 matchmaking plus a new mech

If the question is: what are you and seven of your closest friends going to do today? The answer is now MechWarrior Online.

The latest patch for this upcoming free-to-play mech-based MMO brings with it the first iteration of the Community Warfare feature, allowing groups of 8 players to form up and face serious competition. Before this, the max group size was just 4.

Bryan Ekman, creative director at Piranha Games had this to say about the patch: 

“Blending new content with the rich history of the BattleTech universe, we are excited to introduce Ilya Muramets CTF-IM Cataphract, the first PGI-crafted character, a resilient and balanced Hero Mech representing the Capellan Confederation.”

Along with this this essential multi-player feature, the patch also brings with it the brand-new mech mentioned above and holiday-themed cockpit decorations such as a lump of coal, a snow man and… can anyone say bobble head Santa?

Head on over to the MechWarrior Online site to get in on the action.


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